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5 Questions The Miami Marlins Must Answer During Spring Training

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5 Questions The Marlins Must Answer During Spring Training

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Aren’t there always questions surrounding the Miami Marlins? The Marlins are one of the most questionable teams in the majors at any given point. This season is a little bit different, though. There are a lot less major questions surrounding the team than there has been in the past, and the team has a lot of young talent that will be playing their first full season.

There is a lot of talent to look forward to like Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna roaming the meadow in the outfield at Marlins Park. All the starters will be healthy too. Jose Fernandez is coming off a National League Rookie of the Year award performance in 2013, and the last time Henderson Alvarez pitched we saw him throw a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers.

Miami also spent a little bit of money on free agents in the offseason. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Rafael Furcal, Garrett Jones and Casey McGehee are expected to be in the lineup during Opening Day. The moves were not overblown expenditures instead they were smart decisions to fill in gaping holes around the infield.

As spring training opens up, manager Mike Redmond will have to make some important personnel decisions during these two months. It is not the biggest question the organization needs to answer right now, but there are a lot of position batters Miami will have to focus on.

What are some of the questions Redmond will have to answer? Well let’s take a look.

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5. Who Is The Fifth Starter?

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Tom Koehler had an up and down 2013 in his first full season as a starter. Although he did not start the entire season, Koehler got a lot of experience in that position which is why he has an edge going into the season as the fifth starter.

However, Brian Flynn and Samuel Dyson will be competing for that job as they both got a couple of looks at the end of the season as starters. Brad Hand is also going to get a chance to earn a spot.

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4. Will Garrett Jones Play Every Day?

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The concern surrounding Garrett Jones is his inability to hit left-handed pitching. With the recent acquisition of Jeff Baker, it looks more and more like Jones is going to become a platoon first baseman. That is a decision Redmond will have to make as March ends.

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3. Can Casey McGehee Re-Adapt In The Majors?

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Casey McGehee had a monster year in his lone season in Japan. However, for him to re-adapt to major-league pitching will be tough. They are totally two different leagues, and the end of McGehee's last run in the majors was not great. He has a good chance to get back to form in a quieter market like the Marlins.

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2. Will Jose Fernandez Have An Innings Limit?

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Jose Fernandez was shut down after 172.2 innings. Fernandez is only 21-years-old, and it would be interesting to see if the Marlins cap his innings again. That's another decision that could be made in spring training, and don't be shocked if he has another innings limit this season

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1. Are The Marlins Built For a Surprise Run?

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The Marlins have surprised in the past. This season, Miami is not going to lose 100 games. The team is not built to lose 100 games like it was last year. There are a lot of key veterans on the team and some young, quality pitching which could make Miami a dark horse in the NL East. Miami is starting to get more and more interesting by the year, and this season could surprise a lot of people.