Boston Red Sox Fans Are Rooting For You, Curt Schilling

By Carter Roane
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I remember Curt Schilling when he was with the Philadelphia Phillies back in 1993 and almost led that team to an improbable World Series win. Thanks a lot, Joe Carter. Schilling had been drafted in the Boston Red Sox organization, but because he got traded when he was still a very young prospect, a lot of fans thought of him as one of the ones that got away.

We were all so excited in 2003 when we heard that the Red Sox were trading for him, but he had to agree to waive his no-trade clause  to come to Boston. The Red Sox had come so close that year. Thanks a lot, Aaron Boone. Schilling probably would have put them over the top that year. When he agreed over Thanksgiving dinner, we sensed that 2004 could be something very special.

And it was. You all know what happened — the bloody sock, mentioning it would be great to tell all of Yankee Stadium to shut up, Schilling was a hero and will probably never have to pay for drinks any time that he ever sets foot in Boston. One of the great things I remember about him when he was coming to Boston was when I would check out the Sons of Sam Horn website. Supposedly, someone with the name “gehrig38” was on there posting about the negotiations, among other slightly random things. There were rumors that it was Schilling, but it seemed kind of crazy that an athlete would be connecting with the fans in that manner.

Sure enough, it was him, and it says something about the man and how much being a member of the Red Sox meant. He was reaching out to Red Sox Nation and I really can’t recall another player who has done anything like that. He came here to break an 86-year-old curse and that is exactly what he did. Even if you don’t agree with some of the things he said, Boston fans should be forever grateful that he agreed to play for the Red Sox. People may call him a blowhard but you know what, he’s our blowhard and we will always love him.

Schilling recently announced that he has cancer. Schilling, this fan is sending every ounce of prayers towards you. You are a warrior and a bulldog and you are going to beat this into remission. You beat the New York Yankees. You’re going to do the same thing with this disease.

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