Philadelphia Phillies’ Former Manager To Get Honor He Deserves

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Philadelphia Phillies‘ front office decided to make a shocking decision when they fired manager Charlie Manuel. The fans of Philadelphia were shocked as why he couldn’t just finish out the season and begin 2014 with a fresh start.

Now the front office wants to honor the beloved manager. It was announced earlier in the week that Manuel is going to be this year’s newest member of the Phillies’ Wall of Fame. The ceremony will take place on Aug. 9 which is during alumni weekend, and Manuel deserves this for what he did for the fans along with team.

Manuel became the manager of the Phillies in 2005. It took him two years to become comfortable, but then he couldn’t be stopped. The Phillies won the National League East in 2007 and went on to win the title for five years straight.

Manuel managed the Phillies to two National League Championships. In 2008 everyone knows Manuel led them to a World Series Win, the team’s first championship since 1980. He easily became a fan favorite.

Not only did the fans love Manuel, but the players easily respected him as well. They did not want to let him down, and they were just as surprised as the fans when it was announced he was going to be let go.

Earlier in the offseason Manuel was hired as a senior advisor to general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. Being part of the club and inducted into the Wall of Fame shows that the Phillies organization respects Manuel. They respect his coaching and how he shaped the team. Without him they may have not have become a winner again.

Manuel is always going to be a fan favorite as well as a well-liked person in the Phillies’ organization. He will never be forgotten and now he will always be out in Ashburn Alley.

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