Jonny Gomes Gets Crazy Tattoo To Commemorate Boston Red Sox 2013 Season

By Andrew Fisher
Jonny Gomes
David Richard-USA Today Sports

MLB fans will never forget the 2013 Boston Red Sox. The team had a great run on its way to a third title in ten years, but the most memorable part of the season will no doubt be the players’ facial hair. The 2013 Red Sox of course sported beards throughout the year and many didn’t trim until after the World Series had concluded. Now, Jonny Gomes is making sure that the memories of the 2013 season will be with him forever.

Check out this Twitter photo posted by his teammate Mike Napoli, which shows just how far Gomes has gone with the beard concept:

Gomes Tattoo

At first I thought the tattoo was of Gomes himself, but on second look, it appears to just be a generic bearded Red Sox player (a possible symbol of the team’s unity). Maybe it’s supposed to be Gomes, but you really can’t tell. Regardless, the tattoo still falls into the ‘epic’ category. Everything is there: the beard, the World Series trophy, the Boston Strong logo and of course a Red Sox player with ’13 on his arm.

Although the beard story has been beaten to death, it’s one that needs to be told. While it could never be proven, many credit the bonding of the 2013 Red Sox to the beards. While not all the players were on board with growing out their facial hair, it ultimately gave the team a feeling of ‘we’re all in this together’.


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