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5 Questions the San Francisco Giants Must Answer During Spring Training

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5 Questions the San Francisco Giants Must Answer During Spring Training

San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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Many teams around MLB are going into the early parts of Spring Training with a chip on their shoulder. They feel disrespected, possibly underrated and plan to come out and prove to the baseball world just how good they really are. The San Francisco Giants are clearly one of the teams walking into camp with a scowl on their collective faces. It might look like a bunch of smiles but deep down these men know they have something to prove after a massive fail in 2013 and you can bet they plan succeed in proving it.

Obviously it isn’t quite that easy. If it were that simple every team in MLB would win it all every single season. Still, a team that won everything in 2012 only to drop like a lead balloon one year later has work to do and that work should start in Spring Training. They’ll have fun and crack jokes but the Giants don’t need to be at the bottom of their spring standings. Finishing first isn’t a necessity either but they do need to stay off the bottom.

In order to do that they will need the help of several players and to get the help of some of those players they will need some questions answered. What follows is a list of five questions that the Giants and their coaching staff will need the answers to during Spring Training. These cannot wait until June to get a sure answer. They need to be definitively answered within the weeks before the MLB regular season begins. Feel welcome to leave a comment below you’re your own Giants questions or discussion about those you’ll see here.

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5 – Will Juan Perez Win Outfield Roster Spot?

Juan Perez San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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Perez has potential for sure but he might have a problem earning a roster spot this spring because of the addition of Michael Morse. The good news could come if the Giants go with five outfielders to ensure they have plenty in reserve. Given that situation he has a strong shot. If they go with four he has a lot of playing hard and hoping to do.

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4 – Can Tim Lincecum Fully Return to Former Dominance?

Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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In the midst of a bad season for the Giants came a good sign or two from their former ace. Lincecum showed signs of returning to form well enough that the Giants re-signed him for a couple of years. Here is the big question. A lot is on the line for Lincecum this spring and this season. Can he fully and comfortably return to dominance? If he is going to it has to begin by hitting all of his marks during Spring Training.

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3 – Will Edwin Escobar Prove Himself MLB Worthy?

Edwin Escobar San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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Escobar is one of the younger starting pitchers that will get a shot at the fifth starter job. He might be the odd man out in that situation but that could well depend on how well he pitches this spring. If he impresses the coaching staff enough, he could be rewarded with some kind of roster spot, even if it means some time in the bullpen.

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2 – How Will Yusmeiro Petit Play This Spring?

Yusmeiro Petit San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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Petit made a name for himself by nearly reaching perfection in 2013. It was a great sign for the Giants future because even if their former star pitchers and current veterans do not perform in 2014 they feel they can rely on Petit. There is still some bit of uncertainty there however. Petit could remove all doubt by firing it up all spring long.

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1 – Will Tim Hudson Be the Same After Ankle Injury?

Tim Hudson San Francisco Giants Spring Training
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Some things in Hudson’s season are going to be certain. He will be a great teammate. He’ll be priceless in the clubhouse and always give his all on the mound. The question remaining is a huge one however. What will his best look like after the terrible ankle injury that ended his 2013 season? This for absolute certain has to be answered during Spring Training.