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Atlanta Braves Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

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Atlanta Braves Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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When MLB Spring Training rolls around every year, there are a ton of things going on. There are various questions that have to be answered. Prospects will get a new chance or their first chance to show their stuff during this time. There are a few players that are just going to do well. The Atlanta Braves are ready to get started on another season and their spring season will have a few stars that shine.

Just like every year since 1991 the pitching staff will be a big topic of discussion as they attempt to build strong core to enjoy success around for years to come. Much more than just the starting pitching staff is being talked about however as the Braves bullpen is expected to once again be one of the top bullpens in MLB if not the absolute best again. Needless to say some things are much improved from the early 1990s.

Which position players will succeed this spring? It is easy to forget that success in the spring doesn’t equate to success during the regular season but we all know it can’t hurt things either. I figure someone who goes from a great spring to a lull in the regular season would have been even worse off if not for the good spring. So, let’s not assume a shining camp doesn’t matter because it does.

What you are about to look at are five Braves players who will shine during Spring Training. If all goes well there will be many more than five making headlines for good reasons. Sure there will be some who struggle as well but these five guys you can almost guarantee will be on their game before the start of March. Feel free to leave a comment below if you agree or disagree.

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5 – Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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Last spring Gattis won the starting catching job out of the gate for two reasons. First of all Brian McCann was hurt. Secondly it was because he had a great spring. Gattis seemed to thrive in the Spring Training atmosphere and look for that to happen all over again this year. He’ll be hitting home runs in the trees before you know it.

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4 – Alex Wood

Alex Wood Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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Wood is going to be part of the starters who long for that fifth spot in the starting rotation. There is no way to know what the Braves coaching staff will be thinking at the end of the spring but you can bet on this. Wood will provide them little choice but to put him somewhere. If they chose not to make him the fifth starter it will only be because they want to keep his arm in the bullpen.

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3 – Christian Bethancourt

Christian Bethancourt Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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Gattis is going to be the starting catcher the season McCann moves on. That changed from earlier thoughts that Bethancourt would be that man. He will instead get a chance to get better in Triple-A but watch this guy in Spring Training. He is going to have a chance to prove that his offensive skills are on the rise and he will do it well.

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2 – Justin Upton

Justin Upton Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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We all know how good J. Upton is. Look for him to resume his role as one of the more powerful hitters on the team early in the spring and look for it to continue into the season as well. He will shine brightly for sure.

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1 – B.J. Upton

B.J. Upton Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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That’s right this is going to be the Upton show in Spring Training. B.J. has been working on his swing on a normal basis and is looking to resume is natural plate presence. Look for this to happen during the Spring. This season it will transfer into the season as well.