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Chicago White Sox Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

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Chicago White Sox Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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When looking at the Chicago White Sox of 2013 there are a lot of things that most fans and players would like to forget. One of the best things about MLB is that when Spring Training comes, all of that stuff is actually forgotten. That might not be a great thing for a team that won the World Series but for a team that struggled like the White Sox it is awesome to flip the calendar over to a new season. It means they get the chance to shine like new all over again.

A team that was not that good last year would probably need a good bit of change. That’s really good too because if any team in baseball has changed it is the White Sox. There are so many new faces around here that they might have record sales of the Opening Day program guide. Some of those do date back to the end of last season but they all get a new chance to succeed in Spring Training. Which players will be the ones that truly step up?

One might want to guess whether the young guys or the veterans will step up. For the White Sox that question becomes a little easier because there are only about two veterans. Everyone else on the roster is going to be less than thirty. How cool would it be if they could seriously revamp their roster like this, get a ton younger with a lower payroll and play better? That could be one of the best and quickest rebuilds in history. These five players could be part of it.

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5 – Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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Abreu is more famous for the sweepstakes that the White Sox won for her services than how much potential he has. Many think he will be one of the best young players in MLB when he hits the gate in 2014. I feel that is true as well and I believe he will start off on fire in Spring Training.

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4 – Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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Davidson is all over the White Sox future. They refer to him regularly as their clear future at third base. If he has a great spring however the future could arrive in 2014. Can he win that spot? I think he can and will earn it with an awesome performance this spring.

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3 – Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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There is a lot of uncertainty around Dunn right now because the White Sox signed Paul Konerko and now have two big name first baseman that are not starting. They do not need both of these players and that leads many to think Dunn will be traded. This could be the easiest trade the Sox have made as I believe Dunn will showcase his stuff with a dominating spring.

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2 – Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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Go ahead and believe all of the hype about Johnson because he is going to be well worth it when the 2014 season is over. That is a long ways away but the spring is not. Look for Johnson to have a flawless run in Spring Training that will leave him looking like one of the two best pitchers on this pitching staff.

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1 – Adam Eaton

Adam Eaton Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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Of all of the offseason additions the addition of Eaton is going to be the one that has the biggest day to day impact. The White Sox will see the reward for adding this guy from the start of Spring Training on forward. He is a tough player who can make things happen. Look for him to do just that early and often.