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Baltimore Orioles Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

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Baltimore Orioles Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

Baltimore Orioles Spring Training
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Depending on which way the 2014 regular season goes for the Baltimore Orioles, they could end up looking like the smartest or the dumbest team in MLB. On one side of the coin we have a team that was one of the most capable offenses in all of baseball last year that is much the same this year. On the other side we have a pitching staff that has lost a pitcher or two and has lost one of the best closers in the game.

That was okay though because they were going to sign another great closer in Grant Balfour. Oh but then that fell through for some phantom physical issues that led to them not being able to agree on a final deal. So to recap we have the same offense that was not enough to win with last year’s pitching staff and we have a pitching staff that has potentially gotten less productive. I have to admit it begins to look really quickly like they might not look all that smart.

It should be mentioned that they do have a closer in mind and he could well prove to be great. The offense had career years from at least two and arguably more players last year. Though that seems unlikely to be repeated, it is actually possible that they can all have career years again I suppose. If they are going to take this season by the horns and be awesome in spite of the questions, the Orioles will need their stars and their unknowns to blow it up in Spring Training. Here are a few that could do just that.

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5 – Adam Jones

Adam Jones Spring Training
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Of the career years that happened last season for the Orioles, I would look for that of Jones to be the most easily guaranteed to repeat. He will be his normal productive self during Spring Training and as always that will be fun to watch. He’s one of the best center fielders in MLB for a reason after all.

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4 – Jemile Weeks

Jemile Weeks Spring Training
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The trade to send Jim Johnson to the Oakland Athletics might end up looking great but that will only be the case if the O’s get a good performance out of Weeks. Look for him to rise to the occasion, spurred on by the change of scenery. He will have a great shot at the starting second base job by spring’s end.

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3 – Tommy Hunter

Tommy Hunter Spring Training
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The closer position that a lot of us are worried about being filled internally is the same thing that will spur Hunter on towards a great spring. His job out of the gate will be to keep and earn that spot. Look for a very good spring season as he tries to solidify the closer job early.

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2 – Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman Spring Training
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Gausman might have dropped a little bit in some eyes but the Orioles still think the world of him. He will get a good chance to make some noise this spring and possibly even earn a rotation spot. I think that will be a huge uplift for him. Look for a good bunch of numbers this spring season.

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1 – Jonathan Schoop

Jonathan Schoop Spring Training
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It is not quite Schoop time in Baltimore; at least it doesn’t seem to be. Regardless of the fact that he will likely drop to Triple-A at the beginning of the season, Schoop should put on a nice show this spring. He might even get some whispers started that he deserves a shot at the starting second base job this year.