Houston Astros’ Jarred Cosart Should Not Have to Apologize for Justin Bieber Tweet

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I have a big problem with the insane amount of political correctness required in today’s day and age. I also have a somewhat smaller problem with most athletes’ apparent lack of personality given the rules and restrictions on what they are allowed to say via social media and interviews. As such, I am a huge fan of Seattle SeahawksRichard Sherman for that very reason, he broke the rules.

Well, the latest to join my list is Houston Astros starting pitcher Jarred Cosart, which is convenient enough because I am a huge Astros’ fan.

Cosart recently referred to Justin Bieber using a three-letter derogatory term in a tweet. He violated every single rule that athletes are supposed to abide by. Obviously, he had to delete it and both he and the team had to apologize and cover their backsides, but that’s not the point.

I understand that athletes are role models and people look up to them so they should be held to a higher standard and all that jazz, but if every single athlete follows that same mold, they end up identical. For that reason, Cosart’s tweet should be treated as a blessing in disguise.

Was it insensitive? Yes. Should he have done it? Probably not. But boy am I glad he did. It’s refreshing to see proof that athletes really are people just like us.

His tweet was in response to a boisterous Canadian claiming Olympic dominance, and it was actually very funny. Again, insensitive? Yes. But funny? No doubt, especially given Beiber’s latest string of hooliganism and tomfoolery.

I may be the only one doing this, but I applaud Cosart for letting his guard down and acting like a regular dude.

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  • Steven Resnick

    Thanks for the good laugh

    • Josh Sippie

      Thanks for reading.

  • woodhead

    so we don’t want all our athletes to be identical, we want them to be “normal dudes” sorry but to me, being a homophobe doesn’t make you special or just one of the guys. it makes you immature, a meathead, and behind the times. this isn’t commendable, its stupid. if you can’t act like a decent human, or even pretend to be one for the sake of decorum…then just stfu! its that easy.

    • Josh Sippie

      He’s not a homophobe for using a single slur. Just like Riley Cooper isn’t a racist for letting a certain word slip. If you think that Cosart’s intention was to offend the entire homosexual community then yeah, it’s immature and meatheaded, but that obviously wasn’t his intent. He let a word slip. It happens to all of us. Let’s move on.