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Minnesota Twins Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

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Minnesota Twins Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

Minnesota Twins Spring Training
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If there is a team in all of MLB that has done more to improve over the last year than the Minnesota Twins, I haven’t heard of them. Last season the biggest story in Twins land was either the chances of Justin Morneau being traded or the injury late in the season to Joe Mauer. Going into the 2014 Spring Training camp, the Twins are looking like a team that has a real chance to compete this year.

Will they win it all? Chances are they probably won’t but they most definitely have a much better chance to finish out of last place than previous seasons. To get there they are bound to get some great performances from various players. Some of that will start during the season as they hit hot streaks but some players will begin hot right from the start of the spring.

Because this is the Twins we are talking about, you know that at least one or two of the players that will shine during Spring Training will be minor league prospects. That is far from where it ends with this team though. One of the most exciting storylines going on with this team is that their starting rotation looks like it will be able to compete with some of the others in the AL Central.

Here are five Twins that will really begin to show their stuff during 2014 Spring Training. There is a wonderful comments section below for any and all comments. Whether you agree or disagree with the list, there is where you let the world know. Without further delay, here they are.

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5 – Ricky Nolasco

Ricky Nolasco Spring Training
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There was something a little special about Nolasco when he was with the Miami Marlins that he lost a bit of when he moved to LA. I think that was the fact that he was the man, the ace in Miami. Once again he will have the joy of being the top man on the pitching staff in Minnesota and I see that making a huge difference even starting in the spring.

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4 – Jason Kubel

Jason Kubel Spring Training
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Everyone on the planet knows that special feeling you get when you go back home. Whatever that phrase brings to mind, you can understand why the Twins and Kubel are feeling very good about his chances of regaining some past success by simply going back home to the Twins. I think they are right and that his good season will begin very early.

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3 – Josh Willingham

Josh Willingham Spring Training
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Willingham’s looming success in 2014 can be traced down to one simple factor. He is going into a contract year. That always makes for a good, great or even career year. Look for a big bounce upward for Willingham starting in the early moments of the spring season.

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2 – Miguel Sano

Miguel Sano Spring Training
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Here we go, getting into the guys everyone wants to see. Sano is one of the top Twins prospects that keep dominating the minor league rankings. He will get a good taste of the majors in 2014. It could be something extremely fun to watch.

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1 – Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton Spring Training
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Speaking of dominating the minor league rankings, how long has this guy been at the very top? Buxton will be on display this spring for the Twins and you can bet that you, me and throngs of Twins fans will be glued to his performance. Look for him to give a little sample of how good he can be.