Pete Rose Hits Nail on Head With Recent Critique Of PEDs In Baseball

By Devin O'Barr
Pete Rose
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Pete Rose hasn’t even sniffed an MLB diamond since the late 1980s, but that hasn’t stopped baseball’s “hit king” from speaking his mind about some of baseball’s more pressing issues. Of course, Rose has been stuck in baseball purgatory for the better part of three decades as the infamous ex-player and manager has grown infamous for his exile instead of his remarkable 4,256 career hits over a 24-year span.

Furthermore, Rose is back in the spotlight as the former third baseman decided to speak his mind about a current player, who has brought more disgrace to MLB than one could even imagine. Alex Rodriguez‘s recent year-long suspension  has been a hot-button topic and Rose finally gave his opinion on just what PEDs have done to the game itself in comparison to gambling, which is what put Rose in the largest doghouse known to man in the first place:

“I think in my case, I know I didn’t do anything to alter the statistics of baseball….baseball statistics are sacred. That’s why baseball cards are worth more than football cards, why that Honus Wagner card is going for a couple million bucks.”

Rose is 100% right. While gambling on the game is a total scumbag move, the Cincinnati Reds‘ icon never swallowed illegal drugs to propel himself or his team. Instead, the guy placed a few bets with the wrong people and eventually the word got out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which act is more damning. Rose deserves a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame and the PED gang deserves nothing more than a swift kick in the rear.

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