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5 Careers Derek Jeter Could Pursue After Retiring From MLB

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Derek Jeter Announces Retirement

Derek Jeter Retirement
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After playing 19 seasons with the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter announced that he has finally decided to retire.

It will be hard to imagine the Yankees without Jeter. After 13 All-Star appearances, five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards and two Hank Aaron Awards, the Yankees will miss the veteran shortstop.

Even from an early age, Jeter learned the importance of having high standards. He had to sign a contract every year for the expectations that his parents set for him, and this is where his intense work ethic began. After an impressive high school career, he was drafted by New York in 1992.

Along with winning more awards throughout his career than you can count on your hands and toes, Jeter has been the league leader in several categories. He has led the league in singles, hits, and runs scored in various seasons. It is no surprise that he was able to help the Yankees win five World Series during his tenure.

Most athletes will need to find a new occupation when they reach their 30's, and baseball players are no different. Some athletes find success in coaching or broadcasting, but others have a very hard time finding a new way to earn a paycheck.

Jeter has been extremely intelligent in the fact that he has marketed himself as a brand. Through several business ventures he engaged in while playing baseball, Jeter will be able to find prosperity and opportunities in a new career. The business dealings and marketing of this Yankee legend should be a lesson for athletes trying to figure out how to create a successful career after sports.

Here are five careers Derek Jeter could pursue after retiring from MLB.

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5. Derek Jeter: Actor

Derek Jeter Acting Career
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Derek Jeter has not only hosted Saturday Night Live, but he has also honed his theatrical skills on Broadway. With small roles in Seinfeld and Anger Management, Jeter appears to enjoy the opportunity to act. He would be able to pursue larger projects with more free time.

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4. Derek Jeter: Cologne Creator

Derek Jeter Fragrance Driven
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Derek Jeter formed a partnership with Avon to create his cologne series "Driven," and he has released several fragrances in his line. Celebrity branding is a great way to expand the sales of any product, and Jeter would have the ability to create more signature scents when he retires from the Yankees.

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3. Derek Jeter: Video Game Entrepreneur

Derek Jeter Video Games
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Jeter has been involved with the gaming industry during his baseball career. While Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009 is a mobile phone game, he does have the popularity and connections to launch even more games on different platforms. A partnership between Jeter and Wii would be very interesting.

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2. Derek Jeter: Broadcaster

Derek Jeter Interviews
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Jeter would be a great broadcaster for the MLB because of his intelligence, calm demeanor, knowledge of the game, and his ability to quickly build rapport in a conversation. The positive attitude and class of Jeter is reminiscent of Tony Dungy.

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1. Derek Jeter: Author

Jeter Publishing
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One of the most logical moves for Jeter is to write a book about his entire career with the Yankees and talk about his dedication to baseball. He formed a partnership with Simon and Schuster to create a publishing imprint, and this allows Jetter to publish new talent and any books that he may write.