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5 Toronto Blue Jays Prospects You Must Watch During Spring Training

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5 Toronto Blue Jays Prospects You Must Watch During Spring Training

Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training
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Many times over you could read or hear it said that the Toronto Blue Jays trade away prospects instead of bringing them to the majors. That tends to be very true when you look at the past few years but that should not be accepted as the same as saying their system is depleted to nothing. These guys may have lost one top pitching prospect but their top 10 is stocked full of more great pitching prospects just the same.

It seems that the Blue Jays have to work twice as hard to earn respect or notoriety that some other teams in the American League just get naturally. We all know the Minnesota Twins have a great farm system but what about some mention of what the Jays are building? Just because they play in Canada should not mean that they are automatically second rate when it comes to prospects. Canada is a pretty cool place anyway.

Regardless of where they are located, they do have promising prospects. A lot of their top guys are pitchers but not all. They also have some very good young position players. A few of those players, a good handful actually are coming to Spring Training 2014 to showcase what they can do.

Will they win a job while they are playing this spring? It is possible for a few of the pitchers for sure to win a spot if the Jays stay away from the free agent pitching market. That will also depend however on the performance of the individual prospects. There are a lot more than five but here are five that certainly should be watched.

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5 – Sean Nolin

Sean Nolin Spring Training
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Though Nolin’s brief MLB debut last season left him with an ERA over 40, don’t let that throw you off of his game. This guy is good and kept his ERA around the two to three range most of his minor league career. He actually has a real shot to win the fifth rotation spot if he plays well and the Jays don’t sign another free agent.

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4 – Kevin Pillar

Kevin Pillar Spring Training
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Pillar is one of the best outfielders in the Angels system for big reasons. Those big reasons are the big numbers he has been putting up. For him to get a good look at the 2014 crop of MLB pitching should be fun to watch as he develops further towards being a major leaguer himself.

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3 – A.J. Jimenez

A.J. Jimenez Spring Training
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Though you might not hear him mentioned with the top few catching prospects in the game, Jimenez is certainly worthy of some recognition. His batting average from 2013 was .287 which is impressive when coupled with a .738 OPS. There is room for growth of course but that is a good offensive base for a young catcher to build from.

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2 – Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman Spring Training
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Stroman is another of the young starting prospects that has a chance at the Jays fifth rotation spot if things were to work right. If not he still has Triple-A waiting for him to dominate. Either way make sure you get a look at his work this spring. He’s on the way up for sure.

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1 – Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez Spring Training
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Sanchez is the man for the Blue Jays. He is their future big name pitcher though it should be mentioned that when it comes to promising pitching prospects, he is far from alone in the Jays system. Still, being number one means something. He won’t be ready for the majors right now but will more than likely hit Double-A or Triple-A and await a late season call-up.