Atlanta Braves 2014 Spring Training Profile: Julio Teheran

By David Miller
Julio Teheran Spring Training
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A lot of things are up in the air about the Atlanta Braves starting rotation going into Spring Training 2014. They are either going to be stocked full of young arms from one through five or possibly include one veteran arm at the back end of the rotation. One thing that is certainly not up in the air is what the role of Julio Teheran will be.

Last spring Teheran came into camp needing to win a job or to at least keep one. He responded with a spring where he had an ERA of 1.04 and a WHIP of 0.62. I think this guy was on fire to win that spot. It led to him winning it but it took him a few months to really settle into the form that made him the second best rookie starter in the opinion of most.

This time around things are going to be different because he is one of the top three men in the rotation no matter how young he is. This degree of comfort could be a very good thing for Teheran. I think we can expect him to have more normal numbers for the spring. He’ll have an ERA around 3.00 and a slightly higher WHIP.

This will lead him to hit the start of the season much more prepared to have a completely dominant year. Instead of breakneck speeds from the moment he hits the spring field he will be concerned with preparing his arm and hitting all of his marks along the way. There is a good chance that Teheran could end up being considered the ace of this young staff before things are all over in 2014.

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