Justin Verlander Injury A Blessing In Disguise For Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers may have lucked out after all with Justin Verlander‘s surgery to fix his core muscles. It seems as though the problem had been there for a long time, and there wasn’t a better time for it to happen. No one ever wants to have an injury or go under the knife, but Verlander now says that he feels as good now as he has in quite awhile.

For the Tigers, that could mean reclaiming the Verlander who was one of the top pitchers not just of the current generation, but of all time. Let’s face it, any person who hangs around Kate Upton is going to heal up faster than expected.

Having a fully healthy Verlander back in time for the season would be so huge for a team that’s rotation is already considered the best in baseball. The trading of Doug Fister has left some questions, and each day that Max Scherzer isn’t signed to a long-term deal increases the chances that he could be shipped away at any minute. The only constant right now seems to be Anibal Sanchez, but if Verlander can be his old dominant self, he is good enough to carry any team on his shoulders.

So while there was a lot of valid concern heading in about Verlander’s health, you have to feel pretty good with where things sit right now for the Tigers and Verlander. It is always better to get the injuries out of the way before Spring Training. Now the Tigers can shift their focus back to where it belongs, which is on the field knowing that Verlander’s health is a lot more stable than it was before he tore his core muscles.

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