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5 Los Angeles Angels Prospects You Must Watch During Spring Training

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Los Angeles Angels Spring Training: 5 Players Who are Sure to Shine

Los Angeles Angels Spring Training
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The farm system of the Los Angeles Angels is definitely undervalued or at least seems to be. They definitely have had some of the most promising third and first base prospects for a while with C.J. Cron and Kaleb Cowart. They also have some great young pitching prospects as well. All of this really means very little until the prospects arrive on the scene and make a difference. Let us not forget that Mike Trout came from this system.

Clearly there will not be another Trout on the way because he is likely the only player with his ability that will come along in several decades. That doesn’t mean that there are not some gems in the system that can come together to make a great team in the years to come. Because a lot of money has been spent on a few players, the Angels will need to rely on young players in many areas for the next several years.

That all comes down to showcases like the one that is about to happen during Spring Training. The prospects we know about and the ones we might not have even talked about will have a chance to shine on the big stage. It isn’t the biggest stage clearly but it is the biggest stage these guys will have until they officially reach that one.

We are talking about minor league pitchers facing good MLB hitters and minor league hitters facing good MLB pitchers. That is about as good as it gets when you consider that none of them will be at 100 percent at the time they face each other. Anything can happen. A kid from double-A could take the ace of a staff out of the ballpark. Here are five to keep an eye on for the Angels.

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5 – Mike Morin

Mike Morin Spring Training
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In the odd case that you have not heard of Morin yet, introduce yourself to him. He not only is bound to get a good long look during the spring but could well earn a late season call-up to assist with the bullpen. He only had a 1.93 ERA with 23 saves in his most recent year between two levels of the minors. Yes, he will probably be there late in the season.

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4 – Mark Sappington

Mark Sappington Spring Training
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Sappington is one of the higher pitching prospects for the Angels. He recently had a 3.38 ERA and will likely start in Double-A this season. He bears watching not only this spring but also through the minor league season.

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3 – Hunter Green

Hunter Green Spring Training
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There is no chance that Green is ready for the majors yet but that is only because he was just drafted. This kid is only 18 but already thought to be the most promising pitching prospect the Angels have. Take a look during Spring Training and we’ll all see what his stuff does.

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2 – C.J. Cron

C.J. Cron Spring Training
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Cron has been playing second fiddle in prospects to Kaleb Cowart lately but after his 1.167 OPS in the Arizona Fall League, there is a good reason to believe he might leap over Cowart. This first base prospect could become extremely important in the next few years as Albert Pujols ages. Watch him this spring and he is likely to show what he is made of.

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1 – Kaleb Cowart

Kaleb Cowart Spring Training
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As you might have figured out, Cowart had a rough season in 2013. It is likely to drop him from the top prospect status that he has enjoyed but he has made changes to improve. He has added 15 pounds and will most definitely be looking to show he is worth something special this spring season.