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New York Yankees: 5 Players Who Could Replace Derek Jeter In 2015

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Derek Jeter is retiring; who will replace him?

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It seems like a generation of baseball has come and gone in almost an instant. Following his former teammates Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter announced that the 2014 season would be his final season with the New York Yankees.

Jeter is coming off a slew of ankle problems which ended his 2012 season and hampered him for a majority of the 2013 season. Jeter only got to play in 17 games for the Yankees last year after coming off one of his best seasons in recent memory. Jeter pushed himself to the limit before he had to shut himself down.

The Yankees’ captain is playing in his 20th season with the team. He is batting a career .312/.381/.446 with 1261 RBIs, 3316 hits, 256 homers and 526 doubles. Jeter also has five World Series rings, five Gold Gloves, an American League Rookie of the Year award under his belt and is the active leader in career hits and games played.

The next step the Yankees must suffer through is trying to replace him. How can you replace someone who has given you years and years of consistency, championships and terrific moments?

It is going to be very hard to replace him, but if team could do it, it's the Yankees. New York has the money to spend and the will to do anything at all costs to make sure there is not a big gaping hole left between second and third base.

Here are some of the potential candidates for the Yankees to replace Jeter next season.

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5. Brendan Ryan

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The first idea would be having Brendan Ryan step in at shortstop. He will be coming off the bench for New York this season and will have another year and an option left on his contract after this year. He is part of the competition this season for next year's spot.

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4. Jimmy Rollins

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Jimmy Rollins will be 36 after this year's World Series and is a free agent as well. Knowing the Yankees' spending habits and apathy for player's ages, Rollins would be an option on the market to replace Jeter, but there are younger targets out there.

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3. Hanley Ramirez

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With the way New York spent money this offseason, it would not surprise anyone if Hanley Ramirez gets a mega deal from the team. His original contract with the Miami Marlins will end after this season. It will be up to the Los Angeles Dodgers to try and re-sign him.

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2. Eduardo Nunez

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Eduardo Nunez is a very good option to replace Jeter next season. His primary position is shortstop, and he has already played a majority of his career following Jeter's footsteps. Nunez is the most logical option at this point. However, do not count out the wildcard pick.

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1. Alex Rodriguez

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Who else can see Alex Rodriguez replacing Jeter at shortstop? Rodriguez is getting older, but could have a chance to move back to his old position once he comes back from serving his season-long suspension. Rodriguez is still going to be on the Yankees' payroll, and where better to put him than at shortstop?