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Top 10 San Diego Padres’ Uniforms Of All Time

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San Diego Padres: Top 10 Uniforms of All Time

Padres brown uniform hat
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Anyone who is a fan of or has followed the San Diego Padres for any length of time knows that there are two different sets of Padres' fans. The Padres' fan base is the equivalent of having a league with its own conferences and divisions. In this case the Padres would be the league, the two conferences would be the "bring back the brown uniforms" and "keep the blue uniforms," and the divisions would be the sets of fans that support the various Padres' uniforms within those color schemes.

It's a well-known fact that most Padres' fans either hate the brown uniforms and love the blue uniforms or hate the blue uniforms and love brown uniforms, but no matter what side you're on the Padres' organization has given their fans many uniforms to either love or hate over the years. The fact there have been over 20 Padres' uniform changes since 1969 lets you know how much ammo the fans have had to assist them in this uniform war. The current Padres' look has been repeatedly ranked upon the worst in baseball among not only Padres' fans but media outlets as well, which only says to me another change will occur in the near future.

I firmly believe the next Padres' uniform will be created with the intention of defining a true Padres identity, a lasting identity, something of which has been a huge complaint among Padres' purist. There have been rumors of an attempt to implement pieces of each era of Padres' uniforms into a new uniform whenever the next uniform change is made, but with so many different uniforms over the years, good luck trying to predict the outcome of that.

Opinions vary from fan to fan about the best Padres look throughout the teams history, but after looking at all of them, here are the 10 best uniforms of the bunch.

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10. The Current Camouflage Uniform

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The Padres started honoring the military through uniform in 1996, and while I've always been a big fan of the gesture, I've never really liked the uniform designs over the years. The current look is the best military look to date and the combination of this look and what the look stands for warrants a top-10 spot.

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9. The Current Alternate Uniform

San Diego Padres current alternate uniform
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While not the best Padre look in history, the current set of uniforms the Padres are wearing certainly aren't the worst by recent Padres standards. I'm not a fan of the current home and road uniforms but this alternate version is one of the best uniforms the Padres have worn since the Jack Murphy stadium era.

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8. The (2004-2011) Alternate Uniform

Padres 2004-11 alternate uniform
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The Padres have really struggled to find a third color that works since removing orange from the equation. The organization has seemed to be intent on using "sand" as the third color under the rationale that the sand color represented the beaches that the city is known for. At one point, they even trotted players out to the field in a sand on sand colored uniform that looked like a fitted khaki suit.

In my opinion, less has always been more when it comes to the Padres' sand color; and that is why this uniform was a good one. This uniform was very well put together from a coordination standpoint and the fact that the "SD" logo on the hat was actually the same sand color as the letters on the jersey, which is something the team hasn't done too often of late, made this uniform look even better.

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7. The (1980-1984) Home Uniform

Padres 1980-84 home uniform
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This one of the most controversial uniform in the whole Padres' uniform debate. Most Padres' fans in the "keep the blue" division use this early 80's uniform as their argument for not bringing brown back into the mix. Based on the fact that no team in the history of baseball has ever looked like this, thus making it only identifiable with the Padres, it is one of my favorites.

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6. The (1991-2003) Road Uniform

Padres 1991-99 road uniform
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Most of my favorite Padres' players wore this uniform at one point and time -- most memorably while playing during the 1998 World Series season. Like most of the post-brown era Padres' uniforms, the setup was basic, but this particular uniform was basic in a New York Yankees uniform type of way, meaning it was basic but real professional looking at the same time. For those reasons, this uniform is one of my favorites.

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5. The (1985-1990) Home Uniform

Padres 1985-90 home uniform
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While almost exactly like the blue, white and orange pinstriped uniform worn in the 90s, this brown version worn in the mid to late 80s was much better. Who can forget Tony Gwynn sporting a Jerry Curl and slapping base hits all around the baseball field in this uniform? Definitely one of the best.

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4. The (1997-98) Alternate Uniform

Padres 1998 alternate uniform
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Whenever I see this uniform, I picture a packed Jack Murphy Stadium, palm trees behind the outfield wall, and the Padres' playing their way into the World Series. This particular look screams Ken Caminiti, Steve Finley and Greg Vaughn. This same jersey was sometimes worn with pinstriped pants, but pairing it with the solid whites was a much better look.

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3. The (1976-77) Road Uniform

Padres 1976-77 road uniform
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I don't have a real explanation for why I like this uniform so much, I just do. One thing I can say is that I've always preferred this script over the shampoo style script the team has used in recent years. Although I'm a bigger fan of the brown and orange look than the brown and yellow, this uniform was put together nicely.

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2. The (1978) Home Uniform

Padres 1978 home uniform
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This is the one brown and yellow Padres uniform that could almost make me favor a brown and yellow Padres uniform over any of the previous brown and orange uniforms if the organization wanted to truly go old school with their next uniform change. The uniform is almost so ugly and in your face that it's beautiful. The design and the placement of the colors are second to only one other Padres' uniform in my opinion, that's how much I like this uniform.

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1. The (1985-89) Road Uniform

Padres 1985-89 road uniform
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Nothing can top the Padres' brown, orange and grey uniform combination. The pinstripes make it that much better. Many would say that this look was too similar to the San Francisco Giants at the time, and maybe it was, but this look was too good for it to even matter in my opinion. If the Padres choose to go old school, this is way to go. It's brown, but it's not obnoxiously put together like some of the other brown uniforms the Padres have worn -- meaning it could be worn in this day and age and not look so goofy that people would be embarrassed by it. I know the blue supporters won't be too happy with this selection, but how can you realistically hate this uniform? If anybody has seen a better Padres' uniform than this one, I would love to see it.