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5 Reasons Why Derek Jeter, New York Yankees Will Win 2014 World Series

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5 Reasons Why Derek Jeter, New York Yankees Will Win 2014 World Series

New York Yankees Derek Jeter
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The recent announcement of the retirement of New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter rocked the team and its fan base. Sure everyone knew that Jeter had dealt with complications since his ankle injury from 2012 and everyone knows that he is aging. But this is Jeter we’re talking about. He should have another three years left easily.

The truth of the matter is that he probably could play another few years if he really wanted to. Why would he want to do that however when he could play right at twenty years for the most storied franchise in MLB history and go out while still productive? He probably would love to go out towards the top of his game like Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte did in 2013.

Here is another idea; why not just go out a World Series champion? The Yankees are not the team they were last season. They have a much better shot right out of Spring Training at competing for the American League East title and then they could go on and win it all. It could actually happen.

Just imagine how awesome that would be. The captain going out on top with the 2014 World Series trophy held high at the end of his final season would just be incredible. It could be more possible that some non-Yankees fans believe. Here are five good reasons that the Yankees could win the Series this season.

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5 – Brian McCann

Brian McCann New York Yankees
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McCann’s addition is a big deal for this team. Not only is he one of the good guys in the game that always brings A-effort and represents what every team wants in their catcher. He also is a good clutch hitter. Though his 2013 postseason wasn’t much to speak of, he certainly is capable of taking any pitcher in MLB out of the ballpark in a critical moment.

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4 – Revamped Outfield

New York Yankees Outfield
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The additions of Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran are going to help this team get to the postseason. Once in the postseason, everyone knows what Beltran and Ellsbury did just last year on opposing teams. Having them both in the same outfield will be priceless.

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3 – No Distraction from Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
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A-Rod is actually someone that I believe could help the Yankees in a perfect world. The world is not perfect however and wherever A-Rod goes there is a PED media circus that follows him. In spite of all of the best intentions, this has to be a distraction for the Yankees and its one they don’t have this season.

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2 – Masahiro Tanaka Effect

Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees
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Tanaka was one of the most sought after free agents in recent memory for a reason. Even if he were to lose a run on his ERA, he still would be an ace-level addition to the pitching staff. He showed in his native country last season that he was willing to go the extra-mile to have a chance to win it all. That will come into play this season as well.

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1 – Derek Jeter Healthy and Motivated

Derek Jeter Retirement
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Jeter is returning and is by all accounts healthy for his swansong season in MLB. That will help him go out with respectable numbers but it will also motivate him to push his team to the next level. Jeter has the ability to motivate those around him and he will be a self-motivated machine this season as he seeks to go out on top.