Albert Pujols Sheds a Few Pounds, Should Be AL MVP Candidate in 2014

Albert Pujols

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Apparently, the man they used to call “Fat Albert” in St. Louis has lost close to seven pounds this offseason as Albert Pujols looks to be back in shape and healthier than ever — or so he claims. The Los Angeles Angels have definitely been underachievers these past two seasons and no one deserves more blame than the team’s high-priced first baseman.

The California life hasn’t treated Pujols the way many of us had thought, but it’s far too early to call one of the greatest hitters in baseball “used goods.”

Instead, there is an orb of optimism around Pujols in 2014 considering most folks are so accustomed to seeing No. 5 reign supreme as the game’s top hitter. Well, that crown now resides in the Detroit Tigers‘ clubhouse thanks to another first baseman by the name of Miguel Cabrera, who is looking for his second Triple Crown Award in three years.

Angels’ fans have longed to see Pujols healthy and they should finally get their wish this spring. The former St. Louis Cardinals‘ MVP said on Thursday that in Angels his knee and foot are 100 percent healthy. Again, it’s a very slippery slope for Pujols as he enters his age 34 season.

A fantastic season from Pujols is needed for the Angels’ front office. Look, bringing one of the best hitters on the planet west wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Moreover, this surefire Hall of Fame has a ton to prove in 2014 both in regard to himself and the organization that made such a massive investment.

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  • TampaScotty

    Because after 3 straight declining year, nothing to do with weight, and at 34 years old he’s now primed for MVP? He isn’t even the best first baseman, so how would he be MVP. Do you seriously see him hitting more than .280, 25 HR, 85 RBI? And thats MVP material? Ryan Howard will prob have a better comeback year!!! Justin Morneau will prob have a better comeback year than Pujols as well! I have zero reason to believe that someone hobbled by 3 years of injuries, will suddnely stop being a health risk as gets older, and now 34!

    At 1B, he isnt a blip, so how again do you justify MVP? Oh wait, he shed 7 lbs therefore he must have a huge comeback year, to the point of MVP. CC Sabbathia shed more, you sure he wont be MVP? Or is he just automatic Cy Young because of the weight loss?

    Not only is he not going to be MVP, he wont be in the top five first baseman!!

    I’d put Chris Davis, Prince Fielder, Edwin Encarnacion, Eric Hosmer and Carlos Santana ahead of him in just the AL (for MVP purposes), and that’s just 1B! Not including the Miguel Cabrera’s of the world, etc…