Toronto Blue Jays 2014 Spring Training Profile: Brett Lawrie

By Jonny Adornetto
Brett Lawrie Blue Jays
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Nobody approaches a baseball game with the same intensity as Brett Lawrie. The Toronto Blue Jays third baseman attacks each ball he comes in contact with, both in the batter’s box and at the hot corner, as if he was a raging bull.

Heading into Spring Training, Lawrie needs to focus on how he is going to spread the wealth of his energy on both sides of the baseball. Lawrie is an extremely gifted third baseman and has the potential to become the position’s best player. However, he sometimes struggled mightily while at the plate in 2013.

Lawrie’s batting average last season sunk to a career low of .254, and he was down in total hits as well with 102. At-bats seemed to become somewhat uncomfortable for Lawrie, and his reputation as a complete player began to be scrutinized.

Perhaps taking a calmer approach at the plate would benefit Lawrie. Last season, he would often swing at a pitch thrown outside the of the strike zone with the same amount of energy he would use if he was charging in on a bunt laid down by the likes of speedster Mike Trout. Lawrie has the natural ability to drive the ball into the outfield when he makes a solid connection. Being able to balance his aggressive approach at the plate with smart and timely decisions is going to be key for Lawrie in 2014 if he wants to hit what’s thrown to him all over the ballpark like he has in the past.

Lawrie’s energy has proven to be contagious on a positive level for many, but at the same time detrimental to himself. The Jays need him to return to the form he was in when he made his debut with the big league club back in 2011. In just 43 games, Lawrie managed to get 44 hits, including nine home runs and four triples, all with a much calmer demeanor at the plate.

This is exactly what the Jays want from Lawrie this coming season. They want him to be the complete player they swore they were getting when they brought the Canadian in two years ago.

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