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10 Milwaukee Brewers Who Could Win Gold in the Winter Olympics

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Milwaukee Brewers Who Are Suited for the Winter Olympics

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With the Winter Olympics from Sochi in full swing, I thought about which Milwaukee Brewers could make a seamless transition to these games played on ice and snow. Sure, the boys of summer prefer grass, dirt and sun, but skill sets can translate across the varying events.

Too many times, baseball players are seen as not being athletic and a tier or two below the other major sports’ stars. If you’ve ever actually been on the field for a game or practice, you would quickly come to realize that’s not true in most cases. The power, quickness and pure athleticism is clearly present on the diamond.

Sure, you have your sloppy, overweight pitchers, first baseman and catchers at times -- but that is pretty rare nowadays. For the record, there are some less-than-ideal bodies in the other leagues as well.

Meanwhile, Olympians are often ignored and viewed as second-rate athletes because their disciplines aren’t as mainstream as the major sports in the United States. That’s obviously unfair as a great deal of speed, strength and skill are often needed for the winter events.

Those same types of traits are evident within the Brewers’ organization, they simply use those tools in a slightly different manner. The specific size and physical makeup of some players may also lead to success or failure in these events.

How cool would it be to see an MLB player competing for his country in a game that is nothing like the one he’s paid to play? Sure, we’d all complain if he was injured while doing it, but what an impressive feat it would be to watch a member of the Brewers take the medal stand in the 2018 games in South Korea.

Feel free to leave your suggestion for additional players in the comments section below.

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10. Jonathan Lucroy - Biathlon

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A native southerner, Jonathan Lucroy is an avid hunter, so having to shoot a still target would be a piece of cake. He’s also had experience with snow in Milwaukee, so no issue there. The cross country skiing part is a challenge, but catching almost every day in the big leagues means he has strong legs and perseverance.

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9. Jim Henderson - Hockey

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The biggest key is that Jim Henderson is Canadian, so it’s in his blood. If that’s not enough, he has the size to body check all over the ice (six-foot-five, 220 pounds), swings the stick left-handed, and already has the required NHL playoff beard taken care of. He’d be an intimidating enforcer.

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8. Scooter Gennett - Snowboard Halfpipe

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Being a touch smaller in stature, Scooter Gennett looks like a lot of the snowboarders out there. He’s also a bit of a grinder and a “gym rat,” pushing himself hard and taking extra reps to be perfect in his craft. The chill attitude and scrappy athleticism plays well in this event.

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7. Aramis Ramirez - Luge

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One of the most relaxed and even-keeled players in MLB, Aramis Ramirez would have no issue flying down the ice at 80 miles per hour. He’s also stunningly consistent, which is a must in this event. It also helps the luge requires him to lie down, so his age and bad knee wouldn’t affect his performance.

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6. Logan Schafer - Downhill Skiing

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Terrific speed and dexterity, sound control of movement, and the absence of fear all describe Logan Schafer, and the best downhill skiers. His sleek, aerodynamic body frame would shoot Schafer down the slope at record speeds, while his agility would guide him through the course.

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5. Ryan Braun - Speed Skating

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Using a combination of power and speed, Ryan Braun would have helped out the U.S. squad in Sochi. No nonsense, smooth and strong, Braun owns a powerful core to go with good length, a staple of speed skaters’ arms and legs.

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4. Jean Segura - Short Track Speed Skating

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With quick bursts of energy, strong legs, top speed around corners, and a low center of gravity, Jean Segura would be an elite short track racer. He’s shown a certain grace in his movements and can light up any surface with quick steps and an aggressive style.

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3. Kyle Lohse - Curling

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You don’t need a rocket delivery in curling, but accuracy, finesse and strategy are essential skills to earn the gold. Kyle Lohse has made a living doing just that, purposefully manipulating his chosen projectile with stunning movement and command while frustrating opponents through flawless execution.

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2. Carlos Gomez - Slopestyle Skiing

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Soaring through the air, exhibiting style and flair, and generally disregarding his body, Carlos Gomez sounds like a slopestyle competitor. With a fearless, go for broke mentality, there’s no telling what Go-Go would come up with, especially at the speed he generates. With such enthusiasm and high-flying tricks, Gomez would be a star.

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1. Mark Reynolds and Juan Francisco - Two-Man Bobsled

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These two are probably going to team up to produce at first base this season, so it makes sense to have Mark Reynolds and Juan Francisco go for the gold together. Their combined power and “go down swinging” defiance would catapult the two into the record books, but also into some horrific crashes. Either way, they’d be a thrill to watch.

Their weight would be an asset, but we’re unsure who would steer as neither has good vision or discipline. They might finish last at times, but they would eventually win a medal because they both tend to get hot for a period of time, carrying the team and crushing the competition.