Mark Mulder's Injury Brings Brutal End To Baseball's Best Comeback Story

By Devin O'Barr
Mark Mulder
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Baseball is very much so a family-oriented sport. Due to the easy-going nature of baseball, many fans relate the sport with family and the lighter things of life. In addition, it helps that baseball is one of the few sports that is played in the warmer and more peaceful months. With all of that being said, MLB fans are suckers for a great comeback story.

When I first heard about Mark Mulder‘s attempt to return to the game my initial reaction was “no bleeping way.” I mean, this guy hadn’t pitched in more than three games since 2006 when I was 12 years old for crying out loud! However, after hearing both Mulder and the Los Angeles Angels speak it became rather clear that this comeback attempt was more than a mere publicity stunt.

Unfortunately, all of the offseason talk will wind up being just that as Mulder tore his left Achilles over the weekend. The 36-year-old starter really was looking forward to re-inventing himself in 2014, but now the long-awaited rebirth is no longer in the cards. Here’s how Mulder really managed to tug at the heartstrings of many via twitter:

As if Mulder’s comeback attempt gone south wasn’t sad enough, right? Furthermore, baseball will move on, but you have to feel for a starting pitcher who appeared so committed to turning the tides on what was a career that many had left for dead.

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