Los Angeles Angels 2014 Spring Training Profile: Hunter Green

By David Miller
Hunter Green Spring Training
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In terms of MLB prospects, a projectable pitcher is someone the team expects will develop into a starter worthy of the MLB rotation one day. That is the situation and label for Los Angeles Angels prospect Hunter Green. Though he was only recently drafted in the second round of 2013 and is only 18 turning 19 years old, Green already is showing enough promise that the Angels are bringing him to Spring Training.

You might not consider the Angels a wealth of knowledge but that is exactly what any MLB spring camp is to a 18 year old projectable lefty. For all of the minor league experience that is required and certainly coming for Green, the few weeks he is spending around the Angels veterans will probably be the best learning he does all season long.

Certainly there is no substitute for going out every fifth day and making a start for your team. Green is going to get plenty of that over the course of the season but for now he gets to soak up the habits of MLB pitchers. In the process he is very likely to learn a thing or two that will help him progress in his young career. It is easy to forget a prospect like Green is still years away from being legal, much less fully developed in a baseball sense.

Because of that fact there is no need to look at the numbers he racked up for the first few starts of his professional career. Numbers mean very little in the first few pro starts just like the first week of Spring Training. It will be very interesting to see what the Angels allow Green to do this spring. Whatever it is you can bet he’ll be a better pitcher this year for it.

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