Robinson Cano: Seattle Mariners Shouldn't Fret Over Kevin Long's Sour Grapes

By Devin O'Barr
Derek Jeter Kevin Long
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The New York Yankees as an organization are known for getting what they want and when they want it. Moreover, the “Bronx Bombers” tend to act like little crybabies whenever they are outbid or outsmarted. Thus, Robinson Cano‘s departure has naturally left a bad taste in the mouth of many New Yorkers. However, one Yankees’ coach in particular is getting his last shots in on the five-time All-Star.

Kevin Long has served as the Yankees’ hitting coach for quite some time and he and Cano supposedly became very close over the years. In fact, Long said in a recent interview that “I was probably closer to Robbie than any player I’ve worked with.” That’s rather high praise for such an established hitting coach, but what Long had to say next was hardly a ringing endorsement of the highest paid second baseman in MLB:

“But he just wouldn’t make that choice to run hard all the time. The reasons are not going to make sense. He might say his legs didn’t feel good, or he was playing every day and needed to save his energy. To me there was no acceptable answer.’’

Look, dogging Cano for not busting it down the first base line is one of the most idiotic things one can do. Honestly, the guy has missed a grand total of 13 games over the last seven years and you want to talk about his hustle on a ground ball back to the pitcher? You have got to be kidding.

Seattle Mariners fans shouldn’t worry about Long’s mindless critique of Cano. Clearly, the pompous hitting coach has a few sour grapes and wants the whole word to form this perception that Cano is a hot-dog, who doesn’t play the game hard. Get real, baseball fans, and take a good look at Cano’s stat sheet while you’re at it.

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