Philadelphia Phillies Need To Get Rid Of Jonathan Papelbon

By Rebekah Milsted
Papelbon Clear Water 2014
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Closer Jonathan Papelbon is known for having a big personality. When he went to the Philadelphia Phillies, it seemed to get even bigger. Last season, Papelbon told the media that he did not come to the team to lose. Now he is in the media spotlight once again. The Phillies need to be getting ready for the season, not be worried about what their players are saying.

Papelbon met with media this morning. In a nutshell, he wants to be more positive. He is not going to let things get him down as easily. I don’t believe this, as Papelbon is an extremely emotional player. There is a high chance they will get the worst of him.

With Papelbon being so upbeat this season, it almost seems as if he is coming off as fake. How could someone change that much? He may want to put his comments behind him, or it may come back to wanting to be back in the media. Again, the Phillies do not need the attention as they need to concentrate on their season.

Papelbon has been on the trade block since July. He is happy to still be in a Phillies’ uniform, which does not make sense to me. You are happy to be a part of an organization, yet you got angry at your teammates for losing? Baseball is a team sport. The Phillies need a team player.

Papelbon’s pitching is not what it used to be. His velocity has decreased. In 2012, he gave up four blown saves. Last season, he gave up seven blown saves. The number keeps increasing. Who knows what the number could be this season? The Phillies need a reliable closer. It is one of the most important roles in the game.

Papelbon is always going to be a character. It would be in the Phillies’ best interest to move on from him. I am sure they can find another closer on the market or use someone out of the bullpen.

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