Bryce Harper Makes Statement With PED T-Shirt

By Andrew Fisher
Bryce Harper
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PEDs and baseball. Unfortunately for MLB, they seem to go hand-in-hand. While PEDs have been around forever (in one form or another), the game of baseball has really paid the price for users over the last 10 years. It pretty much all started with Jose Canseco’s book, and from there, player after player has been linked to illegal performance enhancing drugs.

But now with Alex Rodriguez being banned from the game, some are viewing the 2014 season as the start of a new era. MLB will never be able to fully remove PEDs from the game, but it’s no doubt cleaner than it has been in a long time.

Bryce Harper is one of the players MLB needs to lead it into the next era. Apparently, he’s fully embracing the role of a PED-free star. Check out this t-shirt the outfielder showed off at Spring Training:

Bryce Harper

Now that’s how you make a statement. Well, besides the headband.

If you’re Bud Selig, this is exactly what you want to see from Harper. He’s well on his way to being one of the top players in the sport and he’ll be influencing a generation of fans along the way. If he makes a commitment to stay away from PEDs and also speaks out against them, it should help to speed up baseball’s recovery.

Other young stars should follow Harper’s lead and proclaim their PED-free status from the rooftops. It won’t happen overnight, but if enough notable young players stay clean, the game’s image will be repaired a few years from now.


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