Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Can Be Even Better In 2014

By Brent Smith
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera is as close as humankind has ever gotten to having a human robot. Programmed to hit 30 home runs in his sleep and hit .300 with his eyes closed, Cabrera has done it all the past two seasons leading to two straight AL MVP Awards. And the scary part is he could be even better in 2014. It is truly shaping up to be another incredible season for the guy who has done it all. How can the guy who hit for a triple crown be any better? Simply because he is finally healthy.

Cabrera did on one leg what any average Major Leaguer could only dream of doing. He has been constantly holding off injuries which have limited him to only hitting 40 home runs. After successful core surgery this offseason and a move back over to the much safer first base position, it is safe to say that this could be Cabrera’s biggest year. Without the typical distractions and hopefully without the typical injuries, Cabrera, who is still in his prime years, could go off — 50 home runs doesn’t sound too far off.

If I was the manager for an opposing team, I would walk Miguel Cabrera in virtually every situation. But as we have learned from the past two seasons, there are very few managers who actually will do just that. There are a lot of variables, but projecting Cabrera is going to have a big season is usually a very safe bet under any circumstances, especially in a season where he will be healthy and comfortable. The Detroit Tigers‘ season depends on Cabrera which is a pretty good feeling to have.

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