10 MLB Team Changing Moves Going into 2014

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10 MLB Team Changing Moves Going into 2014

Mark Trumbo Arizona Diamondbacks
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This time of the Spring Training season is when the last round of earth-shattering moves usually go through. Especially with pitchers the time is getting late for players to decide where to go and for MLB teams to decide what the best move is for them. There have been plenty of awesome moves already though. This article focuses on 10 team-changing moves going into the 2014 season.

When checking on the news for your favorite team, even you might not pay close attention to the minor moves. These are those moves that add to the depth of the bullpen or maybe add a bench player. It could even be a minor league move that just involves depth for the farm system. Those are newsworthy but not nearly as much as the moves we are talking about.

Whether trade, signing, or free agent signing; team-changing moves are the subject today. These are moves that change the make-up of a team now and in the future. Once your favorite team makes one of these come to pass, you instantly think that your team is different because of it. Most of these will be a change for the better of course though that is a matter of opinion.

With every move of this magnitude there is risk involved. For each of these 10 moves however, the risk looks to be much lower than the potential reward. Feel free to add your opinion about these moves below. Also you can add a move that you believe is just as team-changing as these.

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10 – Atlanta Braves Extending Several Young Players

Atlanta Braves Spring Training
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This is not a change for the present season but to know that Freddie Freeman, Craig Kimbrel, Julio Teheran, Andrelton Simmons and to a lesser extent Jason Heyward are all locked up for a while is more than just piece of mind. For the foreseeable future the Braves have almost half of their position players in good contract shape and more are coming. That is certainly a team changing fact.

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9 – Washington Nationals Trade for Doug Fister

Washington Nationals Spring Training
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The Nationals already had a great looking starting rotation. When they somehow were able to trade for Fister, one of the best pitchers in the game last season, it was a huge deal. Few others even knew this guy was available and the Nats made a strong rotation even stronger.

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8 – New York Yankees Sign Masahiro Tanaka

New York Yankees
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The signing of Takana by the Yankees isn’t surprising. They are the beacon for World Series Champions for the rest of the world looking at MLB. This is a huge deal assuming Takana does what was advertised. If he somehow flops then the deal is possibly even bigger news.

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7 – Chicago White Sox Bring 2 Young Diamondbacks Players In

Chicago White Sox Spring Training
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In two different trades the already young and promising White Sox added outfielder Adam Eaton and third baseman Matt Davidson. These two could be two of the biggest moves in the next decade of the White Sox franchise if all goes well.

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6 – Seattle Mariners Sign Robinson Cano

Seattle Mariners Spring Training
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Whether because he is a great offensive player, because he seems to make them a competitor just by arriving or just because his signing means they have a ton of money tied up for the next decade; this is the biggest money move of the offseason easily. The Mariners certainly hope it is just as big for their competitiveness as well.

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5 – Texas Rangers Add Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo

Texas Rangers Spring Traiing
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Also in two separate moves the Rangers quickly upgraded their offense and some of their defense by trading for Fielder and signing free agent Choo. The Choo deal is a better one for the long term success of the franchise because of the money they owe Fielder at the end of the deal but both make a huge team look even bigger.

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4 – Detroit Tigers Change the Team with Prince Fielder Trade

Detroit Tigers Spring Training
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In one huge move the Tigers changed everything. They have Miguel Cabrera in a different position. Nick Castellanos is supposed to be ready to take over at third base. Ian Kinsler takes good care of their second base situation. After all of that they still have a lot more money sitting around to think about signing an extension or two.

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3 – Boston Red Sox Re-Sign Mike Napoli

Boston Red Sox Spring Training
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The re-signing of Napoli saved the Red Sox from looking like old Marlins teams that won the World Series just to watch most of the team get jettisoned before the following season. The players they lost will hurt some but all of the worry slowed or stopped when fans knew Napoli would be back.

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2 – Arizona Diamondbacks Land Mark Trumbo

Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training
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For a team that pledged to get much better this offseason, the powers that be in Arizona couldn’t have done much better for a start. They were able to land Trumbo in a three team deal so that they only lost a couple of players in the process. It should instantly upgrade the offense and the team overall.

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1 – Minnesota Twins Land Two Starting Pitchers

Minnesota Twins Spring Training
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This is the Twins. That alone makes their signing of two free agent starters a big deal. Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes aren’t going to change the entire baseball world but they have definitely changed a little something about the Twins. Suddenly the addition of these two guys could balance well with the rest of the team. Yes, they now could compete at least a little bit.