Predicting the Next 10 MLB Players to Receive a Contract Extension

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Predicting the Next 10 MLB Players to Receive a Contract Extension

Mike Trout Spring Training
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Lately MLB contract extensions are being handed out during Spring Training like donuts at your favorite donut shop down the street. The Atlanta Braves have been going nuts extending young players and the Cincinnati Reds have gotten in on the latest trend as well. In spite of the numerous extensions we see around the game right now, there are several good young players that are bound to receive the next extension.

You can probably think of one or two right off the top of your head but don’t spoil it for the rest of us. To deserve a contract extension like the recent ones we are seeing, a player needs to have a few things going for him. He first of all needs to be consistently productive. There has to be some good production expected from him for the current season. On top of that however, the player needs to have a huge up-side for the future.

If those various qualities combine with the added quality of consistent health, you can bet there will be an extension flying in that direction. Usually a good contract extension benefits both the team and the player. The team can save themselves from the drama and headache of negotiating with a productive free agent and keep a great player in the same spot for several years.

For the player there is the obvious plus of receiving multiple millions of dollars per season to play a game. The 10 players listed here are very likely to be on the list of the next several to get a contract extension. Feel free to make use of the comments section below. Talk about these players or add a player of your own choosing who you believe will be on the list of the next few extensions as well.

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10 – Matt Carpenter – St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Carpenter
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No matter where Carpenter is playing, third or second base, all he needs to do is repeat most of what he did in 2013 and you can bet the Cards will be very interested in locking up his services for several seasons. That is after all the way they do things.

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9 – Giancarlo Stanton – Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton
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I think the Marlins will be better in 2014. This, in addition to Stanton likely having a bigger season will lend itself to the Marlins finally getting an extension done with the offensive face of their franchise.

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8 – Brett Oberholtzer – Houston Astros

Brett Oberholtzer
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The Astros will be in the signing and extending business for the next several seasons. If Oberholtzer has another solid season, look for them to be very interested in making sure he stays with them long term for less

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7 – Max Scherzer – Detroit Tigers

Max Scherzer
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Because they freed up a lot of money with trades this offseason, the Tigers could now be very active in locking up Scherzer for several seasons. Look for this to be something they try very hard to get done as long as the price is right for both sides.

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6 – Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper
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With his health issues worked out Harper is bound to have a great season in 2014. When he does the Nats would be foolish not to try and lock him up before he hits the stratosphere in a season or two more.

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5 – Jason Castro – Houston Astros

Jason Castro
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Castro is another that the Astros are sure to attempt to lock up soon. All this will take is proof of consistency with another good season. With that Castro will become the official catcher of the Astros for years to come.

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4 – Paul Goldschmidt – Arizona Diamondbacks

Paul Goldschmidt
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Goldschmidt already has a deal through age 30 or so but it isn’t a ton of money until the very end. Don’t be surprised if the DBacks throw him some more money and another season or two added on the end with a restructured and extended deal.

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3 – Jose Fernandez – Miami Marlins

Jose Fernandez
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You know what? If the Marlins do not sign a long term extension with this guy, I’ll start my own baseball team and do it myself. He is a treasure to the game and one heck of a pitcher. Don’t forget he was the only pitcher in the National League who was within one run of Clayton Kershaw’s ERA. Get it done Marlins.

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2 – Josh Donaldson – Oakland Athletics

Josh Donaldson
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Some things are going to happen around the Athletics soon. Some will get extended and some will probably get traded. I think Donaldson is very likely to be one they decide to extend because it will be more cost effective than the big deal it would take to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes.

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1 – Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels

Mike Trout
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We really don’t even need to talk about this one. Trout is going to be signed to an extension. That extension is going to be the largest deal ever signed probably both in years and money. He deserves it. They would be foolish not to do it. It just needs to happen, plain and simple.