5 Players Who Won’t Make Baltimore Orioles’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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5 Players Who Won’t Make Baltimore Orioles’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

Baltimore Orioles Spring Training
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To say that the scope of the Baltimore Orioles 2014 season has changed in the past week would be a gross understatement. They have gone out and changed their potential with two big moves. In signing Ubaldo Jimenez and the announced signing of Nelson Cruz, they put themselves squarely in the middle of the mix in the American League East. One thing has not changed however. Everyone in Spring Training will not enjoy the ride.

It might seem a little harsh to say so but a great percentage of the guys wearing Orioles colors right now will not be wearing them when Opening Day 2014 rolls around for MLB. The pitching staff suddenly looks better and we basically know most of how it will look. Offensively things have shifted quite a bit with the addition of Cruz and his big power bat. Both moves serve to bump younger or more on-the-bubble type players off of the Opening Day roster.

Which Players will this include? There will be several who do not make it of course but a few will probably see their season start on a much more sour course because of these specific moves. What is a very good thing for the MLB level Orioles might not be such a great thing for the minor league O’s.

Here is a look at five players who as of now look to be headed elsewhere for Opening Day. This is not set in stone of course as injuries and any number of other factors could impact the situation. Things being as they are now; look for these five players to not make the roster. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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5 – Mike Belfiore

Mike Belfiore Baltimore Orioles
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Belfiore might have been in the conversation for a starting rotation spot before the Jimenez signing but now he certainly will get bumped out of contention.

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4 – Henry Urrutia

Henry Urrutia Baltimore Orioles
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Though Urrutia has done a lot to attempt to make the roster spot his before Opening Day and will continue to play hard, there is just not going to be a spot left. The addition of Nelson Cruz makes that a near certainty.

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3 – Alexi Casilla

Alexi Casilla Baltimore Orioles
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This depends on where Jonathan Schoop ends up in the mix but he could well make the roster. It would seem possible at this point that Casilla will be an odd man out at least at the start of the year.

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2 – Francisco Peguero

Francisco Peguero Baltimore Orioles
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One of a few minor signings that was designed to help the Orioles find outfield depth, Peguero is certainly not going to find it easy to make the roster thanks to the Cruz addition. Look for a big showing from him that will help him catch on somewhere.

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1 – David Lough

David Lough Baltimore Orioles
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This is much the same situation. The outfield depth of the O’s becomes downright stunning with the addition of Cruz. That just means that guys like Lough will find it much tougher to make the team.

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  • Ryne Mehan

    David Lough will be on the roster, Schoop probably won’t. Casilla may be, especially if Machado isn’t ready. Peguero definitely won’t. Belfiore wouldn’t make sense to me because Britton will be the the ‘pen most likely. Urrutia? Maybe. I’m not sure yet. With Cruz on the roster I say no.

    A few guys I feel are on the cusp but may make it, or probably should, are Stinson, Steve Johnson, and definitely David Lough, who I do see making it comfortably. Steve would be a great setup man, in my opinion. Stinson was very effective against lefties in the pen last season. Lough does everything right; he is a damn good ball player. Of course, this marring any significant moves, like signing Santana.

  • Danny Meldron

    This list makes no sense. It’s been clearly stated that LF is Lough’s spot. Cruz’ will be DHing and playing LF or RF to give Lough or Markakis a day off. I would think that Reimold will be possibly platooning with Lough

  • Danny Meldron

    I would love to see Santana come aboard too! The reports today say that he is not settling for a discounted 1 year deal like Cruz’ got but he will wind up signing somewhere. We lost our top draft picks this June but we will probably get a few picks or good prospects by trade this year. I honestly think Wieters is going to be dealt. His bat never lived up to the hype. Maybe he’ll go out there this year with something to prove and hit 30+ hrs and bat .280+ That would help his stock.

    • Ryne Mehan

      I agree. And I’m not worried about the draft picks if I am Baltimore because they have done a solid job scouting internationally and bringing players in in other ways. Chen and Urrutia look to be nice contributors and it’s much cheaper to go the international route usually.

      I don’t think Wieters gets traded this season, maybe next season. He’s too valuable right now, but I agree. With a much more potent lineup this year, which is kind of hard to believe, it would make sense the Wieters hits for a higher average because there is less pressure on him to produce. Only time will tell. Hopefully this is the year he really breaks out though because it would make the team that much more dangerous.