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5 Players Who Won’t Make Cincinnati Reds’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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5 Players Who Won’t Make Cincinnati Reds’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

Corky Miller Cincinnati Reds
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When the Cincinnati Reds hit Opening Day of the 2014 MLB season they will be bound for change. Actually they have already changed a great deal. All they have to do now is go out and prove that they can play as well or even better than the old Reds team did. This one will not have Dusty Baker or Shin-Soo Choo but there are others currently in Spring Training who also will not be there.

Not only will the Reds have a brand new manager this Opening Day but they also have a new center fielder and a ton of new hope heading forward. They have extended the contract of Homer Bailey to ensure a few more no-hitters in the future seasons. No one thinks right now that they will miss Choo all that much with the emergence of Billy Hamilton. Things are beginning to take shape and we can see clearly who is heading towards Opening Day and who isn’t.

Nothing is set in stone at this point of course but for the most part you can see the writing on the wall for a team like this. They have a five-man rotation that appears to be fairly strong and a decent bullpen. Their outfield is shaped the way they like it and most infield positions are solid for a while to come. That simply means that some prospects, non-roster invitees and others will be left without a Reds cap on day one. Here are five that will likely be in that group.

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5 – Nick Christiani

Nick Christiani Cincinnati Reds
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Like many of the pitchers on the bubble for the Reds, Christiani is likely to be pushed off of a roster spot because of lack of a spot if nothing else. He could spend some extra time in the minors getting work to start the year.

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4 – Curtis Partch

Curtis Partch
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The Reds have future options at starter and in the bullpen but Partch is another guy likely to fall shy this spring season. He has time in the minors left anyway in all likelihood and will probably be better for it.

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3 – Brett Marshall

Brett Marshall Cincinnati Reds
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Sometimes a little extra time starting in the minors can be the best thing for a young career and I think that is what is coming for Marshall at least at the start of the year.

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2 – Corky Miller

Corky Miller Cincinnati Reds
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Miller is a good non-roster invitee but the Reds catching situation is fairly solid. Unless they choose to carry three straight catchers I don’t see a way for Miller to hit that Opening Day roster.

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1 – Robert Stephenson

Robert Stephenson Cincinnati Reds
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Stephenson has gotten a lot of attention this spring as he is one of the highest ranked prospects in all of baseball. He has a ton of potential but will spend that potential in the minors for most of this season.