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5 Players Who Won’t Make Milwaukee Brewers’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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5 Players Who Won’t Be On Milwaukee Brewers' Opening Day Roster

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day Roster
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Full squads report on Tuesday, which means spring training is on the verge of being in full swing. It’s certainly an exciting time for Milwaukee Brewers fans, as they will get to witness fierce competition among several players who will be fighting for an active roster spot. Unfortunately, there will be numerous players who won’t make the Opening Day roster.

Spring training is guaranteed to be loaded with excitement. Fans will get their first glimpse of starting pitcher Matt Garza in action since he was signed in the offseason. In fact, the pitching staff in general will be a key area of focus as it should be the strength of the ball club in 2014. Whether it’s starting pitchers fighting for the final spot in the rotation or relievers competing for a role in the bullpen, pitching will be where the attention is needed.

One of the main attractions of spring training will be slugger Ryan Braun, who will be suiting up for the first time since his suspension last year. Braun will have to put forth his finest effort to date in order to win back the fans. People will not be happy if he comes out sluggish in spring training and gets off to a slow start during the first couple of weeks of the regular season.

Even though there is much to for fans to concentrate on over the next few weeks, the emphasis of this slideshow is five players who will not make Milwaukee’s Opening Day roster in 2014.

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5. Hunter Morris

Hunter Morris Brewers Opening Day
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First baseman Hunter Morris has enough power to make fans giddy. However, he strikes out too much and still needs to work on defense. If the Brewers were confident that he could make the ball club this season, they never would have signed Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay to minor-league contracts. Morris will put forth a great effort in spring training and he will be exciting to watch. Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t expect to see him on the active roster in April.

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4. Caleb Gindl

Caleb Gindl Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day
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Many believe Caleb Gindl will beat out Logan Schafer for the backup outfielder position. Gindl showed a lot of promise in his first action in the big leagues in 2013. However, I believe Schafer’s experience will be the difference maker. Even though Schafer struggled mightily at the plate in a full-time role last year, he still has proven to be a decent asset off the bench, which is what the Brewers will be looking for. There’s no question it will be a competition worth keeping an eye on, but I believe Schafer will come out on top when it’s all said and done.

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3. Mike Fiers

Mike Fiers Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day
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It might be laughable to hear that pitcher Mike Fiers is even in consideration for an Opening Day roster spot. The reality is he’s not in contention. With that being said, Fiers has demonstrated the ability to pitch at a very high level. A solid showing in spring training might be all that’s necessary for the Brewers to give him another shot in the majors. Personally, I believe he won’t achieve what’s necessary, which will force Milwaukee to place him in Triple-A for the beginning of the season.

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2. Taylor Green

Taylor Green Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day
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Taylor Green’s career has consisted of high hopes that have fallen just short. The minor-league player of the year in 2011 saw a decent amount of playing time with the Brewers in 2012. Unfortunately, a season-ending injury last season put a damper on his progress. The point could be made that Milwaukee needs quality depth at third base behind an injury-prone Aramis Ramirez. Even though Ramirez won’t play 162 games in 2014, I still don’t believe Green is the man to fill in for him. For that reason, I don’t expect him to be on the Opening Day roster.

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1. Lyle Overbay

Lyle Overbay Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day
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One of the best competitions of spring training will be for the first base position. In my opinion, it’s Reynolds’ job to lose. I don’t see how anyone else will start ahead of him unless he gives the Brewers a reason to make that happen. The real competition will be for the backup first base position, which will come down to Juan Francisco and Overbay. When it’s all said and done, Francisco’s power will be the difference maker and the reason Overbay will be out of a job.