New York Mets: Why Matt Harvey Needs To Get Back As Soon As He Can

By Mike Smith
Matt Harvey
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey came out of nowhere to be a Cy Young candidate up until his injury in August. Now, the Mets go into the 2014 season with no promise that their impressive young ace will ever join them along the way. However, Harvey and the Mets should do everything they can to make sure that he does.

I don’t think the Mets should push Harvey to be ready any faster than he can be, but if the Mets have it their way, they will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t pitch. That’s the wrong decision.

If Harvey were to make a return in late August or September, he would completely rejuvenate this team. If the Mets managed to find their way in the playoff hunt, Harvey’s return could push them over the edge. If they’re completely out of it, Harvey’s return could keep people interested the rest of the way.

It’s scary to think that he could get hurt again, but the Mets are the kind of team who are going to always worry no matter what. The problem with that is if he’s ready to pitch, he has to pitch. The Mets should and need to be contenders in 2015, they can’t go into that season with Harvey as a question mark.

If Harvey is ready to go at the end of the year, he needs to pitch. Even if the Mets play it conservatively and bring Harvey into games as a reliever. It gives him a chance to impact games and at least puts him in MLB games before 2015, rather than having a year and a half layoff.

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