Philadelphia Phillies' Cole Hamels Should Not Rush His Recovery Process

By Rebekah Milsted
Hamels workout
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training did not start the way the Philadelphia Phillies were expecting it to. The first day that pitchers and catchers reported to Clearwater they received bad news. One of their aces, Cole Hamels, was behind on schedule because of bicep tendonitis. Now it seems as if Hamels is right on schedule with his progress and plan to come back.

Hamels is planning on throwing his first bullpen session, has been lifting weights and is throwing from flat ground. He is pleased with his progress.

Hamels has been taking his recovery slow, but he now believes he is ready to take a big jump in the progress. This could be a risky move since he is a big part of the Phillies’ pitching staff. If Hamels takes the jump and his body isn’t ready, he will not only be hurting himself but also hurting his teammates. They are depending on him to come back early in the season and certainly don’t need him to push back his recovery by taking a jump he isn’t ready for.

Hamels already let his team down last season. He had a record of 8-14 with an ERA of 3.60. The Phillies are used to a Hamels with a winning record, an MVP and an All-Star. That is the type of pitcher that that they want to see this season, but they won’t have a chance if he is injured.

Hamels needs to rethink his recovery process. He may feel good now, but tendonitis is a tricky injury. It just seems that Hamels is trying to rush back. Too many people are relying on Hamels. Why let them down by possibly injuring himself more? He needs to slow down. Hopefully he realizes it and comes back better than ever.

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