15 Celebrities Who Could Succeed In MLB

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15 Celebrities Who Could Succeed In MLB

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We often tend to think that celebrities have been that way their whole lives. There's no possible way that they did anything else before they began their lives of fame and fortune, right? Well, actually many actors and celebrities from Hollywood had pretty impressive sports careers before they "made it big". Some were more successful, but there's a good section of Hollywood that once had dreams of being included in the sports realm.

Nowadays, anyone on this list in Hollywood is pretty happy with where they're at, but some of them really could've had a crack at a couple of different professional sports if they really dedicated themselves to it. Nonetheless, many actors like that have gone on to play characters in movies and television shows in which they're involved in sports in some way. Maybe it's a way for them to live the sports dream vicariously.

If Hollywood were to have a baseball team, it would likely include these 15 celebrities. They have experience in sports in their past in some way, and many of them have dabbled in America's pastime. That's why it's so impressive that they gave up the sport to pursue a career in Hollywood. It can be said that things turned out pretty well for this group, but they did all fall short in their sporting careers in some way.

Now is the chance to look back and recognize some pretty well-known celebrities and acknowledge the fact that in their respective primes, maybe they would've had a shot in baseball. Whether it's because of their body size, their actual sports background from their earlier days or the roles they've played in the past, everyone is on this list for a reason. Here are 15 celebrities who could succeed in MLB.

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15. Jason Sudeikis

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Jason Sudeikis was a very good basketball player when he was growing up in Kansas and his athleticism could surely transfer onto the diamond. The SNL writer and actor has enough improvisation skills to adjust to an Aroldis Chapman 104 mph fastball, right? Just go with it.

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14. Matthew McConaughey

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A high school athlete in tennis and golf, McConaughey has an athletic background. The uppercut swing that might be caused by his golf swing would probably be a detriment to his overall game, but hey, it worked for Ken Griffey Jr.

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13. Zac Efron

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He portrayed super-athlete Troy Bolton in the High School Musical series, so why can't he duplicate that performance in real life? He grew up playing sports, and his tall frame could definitely be beneficial, especially if he was toeing the rubber for Hollywood's all-star team.

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12. Steve Carell

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Carell was very involved in athletics in his early life and appears on many "celebrities who were good athletes" lists. He's also worked with ESPN multiple times, once doing a skit making fun of LeBron's Decision at the ESPY's and another time filling in as a celebrity anchor.

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11. Matt Damon

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Damon was the lead in the rugby movie Invictus and showed off his physique in numerous silver screen roles. While he does have an athletic background, his current shape is what makes him a candidate to succeed in MLB. How do you like them apples?

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10. George Clooney

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After playing baseball and basketball in high school, Clooney decided to try out for the Cincinnati Reds. While he didn't make it past the first round of cuts, it showed that he was probably pretty darn good. From a media relations standpoint, the Reds would be better off with him than Brandon Phillips at this point.

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9. Jamie Foxx

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Foxx is an athlete himself and is very involved in the sporting world. He's been featured on ESPN in the past and even attended the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue volleyball game in Miami. If he's anywhere near as powerful as he shows in his hit movie Django Unchained, I like his chances of being successful.

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8. Dwayne Johnson

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The Rock has been a professional in a sport, for one thing. He has also starred in multiple sports movies including Gridiron Gang. Of course, Johnson seems better suited for the football field, but I'm sure the Astros could use a DH.

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7. Jon Hamm

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Hamm, who played sports in high school, is going to be playing a sports agent in the upcoming film Million Dollar Arm. However, his 6-foot-2, 200-pound frame is what projects him as a middle-of-the-order bat for this Hollywood all-star team.

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6. Mario Lopez

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The former Saved By The Bell star has branched out and made a pretty nice acting career for himself. He has also been linked to personal fitness and bodybuilding in the past. His sheer athleticism alone gets him onto the list. He figures to do well at the top of the order to get the hit-and-run going.

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5. Kurt Russell

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While it wasn't a baseball movie, Russell played the best character in the best sports movie of all time in Miracle. That's nothing compared to this tidbit though: Russell actually played in the minor leagues. He played between 1971-1973 and again in 1977. He actually got as high as double-A in 1973, but he never cracked the majors. If you don't believe me, look up his minor league career stats.

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4. Ashton Kutcher

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Kutcher is a sports fanatic and so is his partner Mila Kunis. They are constantly spotted at sporting events across the country. Not only is Kutcher a sports fanatic, but he has the size to make an impact in the batter's box. He's 6-foot-2 and could be an imposing force against the Rockies' pitching staff.

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3. Charlie Sheen

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Most famously, Sheen played "Wild Thing" in the classic movie Major League. Like his acting career as a whole, "Wild Thing" wasn't necessarily pretty, but he was effective. It can be expected that he would do what it takes to make sure his team gets it done. Let's face it, with him on the roster, this Hollywood all-star team would be #Winning.

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2. Brad Pitt

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There should be a spot saved on the Athletics' roster for Pitt, who beautifully portrayed GM Billy Beane in the film Moneyball. In movies such as Fight Club, he has shown his physical prowess. Maybe he wouldn't hit the ball out of the ballpark a whole lot, but what does he do? (Points to Jonah Hill) ... he gets on base.

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1. Billy Crystal

Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA Today Sports

So how many of these celebrities have actually played in a game with a major league team? That total would be zero. Though Crystal's "professional" at-bat came in Spring Training, he still technically played on the Yankees. Anytime you've suited up for the same team as the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, you're going to be mentioned as a potentially successful MLB player.

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