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5 Players Who Won’t Make Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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5 Players Who Won’t Make Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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As the wealth of young and talented players make their way through Arizona Diamondbacks' Spring Training camp, they all have the lucky knowledge that they will find out who makes the roster in a completely different patter than other teams thanks to the opener in Australia. How exciting that must be for all of them. Seriously their stress over making the roster or not for Opening Day is the same as others, just happening faster.

There is something newsworthy going on for the DBacks besides the cross-world opening series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They have completely revamped their team with just a few moves. As is the nature of the beast however, any good move to bring in a talented player will knock someone else off of the roster. There are only so many spots after all.

The addition of Mark Trumbo makes the outfield situation solid but also slippery for a few bubble guys. Possibly the biggest and most recent change however concerns the starting rotation. The signing of free agent starter Bronson Arroyo really deepens the staff on paper. Let us all hope for the DBacks sake that Arroyo's arrival doesn't shove someone off of that Opening Day roster whose time had really come.

Who might that be? You could probably guess at least one name assuming you are familiar with the DBacks vaunted farm system. Click through the slideshow and find out who was chosen as the five players guaranteed not to make the starting roster for the DBacks. One thing is certain for this list. Just because they won't be on the Opening Day roster does not mean they won't be there by season's end.

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5 - Jake Barrett

Jake Barrett Arizona Diamondbacks
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Barrett is one of many promising young pitchers for the DBacks. Like many of them however, his time in MLB is a little bit off as yet. Get a good look at him during Spring Training though.

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4 - Randall Delgado

Randall Delgado Arizona Diamondbacks
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Even though Delgado emerged as a promising member of the starting staff in 2013, it appears he might be one of the odd men out as the season approaches. I think he could once again make an attractive trade candidate for the DBacks.

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3 - Archie Bradley

Archie Bradley Arizona Diamondbacks
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This is probably the biggest negative of the Arroyo signing. Bradley had a very good chance to fight his way into a spot for the fifth starter position. With Arroyo in there however, there just will not be enough room for him unless GM Kevin Towers does something strange. Hopefully no one will give the DBacks reason to question the choice to send their top prospect back to the minors for a little while.

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2 - Henry Blanco

Henry Blanco Arizona Diamondbacks
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Blanco is one of those catchers who is just good at being a backup. He can be good for the pitching staff, good for the starting catcher and just everyone. This season I see him falling a little short of making the spot however. This one certainly is not a sure thing.

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1 - Evan Marzilli

Evan Marzilli Arizona Diamondbacks
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Marzilli might be a name that few know going into the spring if they did not see his play in college. Those who have seen him know how good he is. Let's just say he already has highlight reel catches available for viewing. The outfield is just way too stacked for him to be available for an early MLB showing. He has a few years left.