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5 Reasons Why Kansas City Royals Can Win 2014 World Series

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5 Reasons Why Kansas City Royals Can Win 2014 World Series

Kansas City Royals
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Every single team in the American League Central feels like they are better this season than last. The Detroit Tigers are recharged and revamped as are the Cleveland Indians. The Minnesota Twins have retooled and want to prove something as the Chicago White Sox want to show their young core is the best in MLB. In spite of all of this, the Kansas City Royals think they are in position to win in 2014. Allow me to tell you why they are right.

Okay well to really see why they are right you will have to click through the slides but the basis of it is because they are talented, young and hungry. To a man they not only want to win but know they can. One coach said of this team that last season they thought they could win but this season they know it. That right there will count for a few more wins by itself.

Obviously if confidence alone could breed success then Carlos Gomez would be a Hall-of-Famer already. The Royals will need more than just a good feeling to get it done. Luckily for them they have the goods to get it done along with the good feeling. Does this mean they will win the World Series? Actually yes it could.

It means they for sure could win the World Series and they are very likely to at least get themselves into the postseason. You've already read a couple of reasons why that is true. Click through the slides for five big reasons the Royals are right to be confident this year. Feel free to add a comment below as well.

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5 - Billy Butler

Billy Butler Kansas City Royals
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Butler is no secret to the fans of the Royals. Last season he lacked what most would consider a Butler-type season. This spring he has stated that he is dedicated to making 2014 a great season. Look for him to rebound in a big way. When he does it is going to be a great thing for the offensive power of this team.

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4 - Team Chemistry

Kansas City Royals
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It might seem like a silly thing but the fact that this group of guys genuinely loves playing baseball together is a huge factor in their success. They know everyone thinks they'll get close but lose. As a group they will fight and lift each other to the goal they have set before themselves.

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3 - Alex Gordon Factor

Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals
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Gordon is not the only potential MVP candidate on this team but he might well be the most important to the offense and defense as a whole. Last season he more than made up for the off season that Butler had and helped push the team towards their best season in recent memory. Look for him to only get better this season as the guys around him also improve.

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2 -Pitching Depth

James Shields Kansas City Royals
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Because they signed Jason Vargas and re-signed Bruce Chen, the Royals have the depth they needed at starting pitcher. They actually have enough good MLB-ready guys in Spring Training that they will have a good amount of decision making to go through. Manager Ned Yost thinks his starting staff can be one o the best in the American League and he may well be right.

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1 - Great Defense

Kansas City Royals
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Last season it was well documented that the Royals had one of the best defensive teams, if not the best in all of MLB. There is no reason to think they would be anything other than just as good if not better this season than last. Everyone knows that a great defense helps out its pitchers which is another reason the pitching staff will be good. Pitching, defense and improved offense should result in exactly what the Royals believe they will do.