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5 Reasons Why Washington Nationals Can Win 2014 World Series

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5 Reasons Why Washington Nationals Can Win 2014 World Series

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As the 2013 MLB season was ready to begin one year ago, the Washington Nationals were looked at as odds on favorites to win it all. Not only did that not happen, they actually flopped in comparison to the expectations that were thrown in front of them. Don't think they were victims either because they said to a man that they were planning to win the World Series. Every team wants to win the World Series but the Nats were cocky about it out of Spring Training last year.

Now that everyone is one year older and wiser the Nats still think they are going to win it all in 2014. Did they learn nothing from their failure from a year ago? Actually their fail from 2013 is one of the biggest overall reasons that they are right to expect themselves to go all the way this season. That isn't the only reason however.

We will get into all of the reasons as you click through the slideshow but we'll throw a few honorable mentions at you beforehand. In addition to them learning from their mistakes, they also have another chance to try to get through the season healthy. That is something they failed miserably at last season.

Another factor they have in their favor is the simple fact that the new season should bring motivation to all of the members of this offense to make last season look like an aberration. Here are the five best reasons that the Nationals are right to expect themselves to win in 2014. Please leave a comment below if you have something to add.

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5 - More Respect for Opponents

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One thing the Nationals did not do well last season was understand how good their closest competition was. Because of that fact the Braves took the lead of the division and never looked back. This season the Nats will know exactly how tough their competition is which will make them much more prepared for the season.

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4 - Solid Bullpen

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One big thing that the Nats will want to change this season is the fact that the Braves have the best bullpen in baseball. Most expect the Braves to resume that position this season. It is something for the Nationals to shoot for to put themselves in that spot instead of the Braves.

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3 - Matt Williams

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Nothing against the legendary Davey Johnson but the emergence of Williams as a managerial candidate is the best thing that could have happened for this team. They all have to prove that they can rebound and respond with a new skipper leading them. Though it will be a challenge, it should also prove to be something that draws the team closer together. That is certainly going to be a big deal over the course of the season.

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2 - Bryce Harper

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Even though the Nats had Harper last season, they really didn't. When he wasn't on the disabled list he should have been and when he was, clearly he was no help. He is young but is certainly their key player. If they are going to be a big offensive team, or at least adequate, Harper is going to have to be a factor. Don't worry, a healthy and hungry Harper will be plenty much the factor.

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1 - Pitching

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The Nats already had a great starting staff before they traded for Doug Fister from the Detroit Tigers. Fister is extremely good and will fall in line about the third or fourth spot on this staff. If you want to see the deepest staff in all of MLB, look no further than this one right here. However far this team goes, most will say it is due to the starting pitching and they will be right.