Kyle Weiland's Return Means More Pitching Options For Houston Astros

By Josh Sippie
Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

If you were to go to the Houston Astros website and look at their prospective depth chart, you’d see that their starting rotation currently has a whopping eight names on it, and that’s not including guys like Alex White or Colin McHugh, who also factor into the starting rotation war.

Well, those numbers also don’t include the possibly-forgotten Kyle Weiland.

Weiland was acquired in 2011 in one of the first deals that GM Jeff Luhnow made. The Boston Red Sox sent Weiland, a former third-round pick and shortstop Jed Lowrie to the Astros. While Lowrie obviously paid dividends before being shipped off himself, Weiland faded away due to nagging injuries.

Now, two years later, he’s nearing full recovery. When Weiland hit Spring Training in 2012, he grabbed a lot of attention, but the regular season was a whole different story as he threw three games, losing all three and surrendering 13 earned runs. This year, Weiland has yet another shot to regain his position in the Astros’ starting rotation. While he’s not fully healthy yet, he is on schedule to be fully recovered at some point this year.

With competition still key in the Astros’ grand scheme, adding another starting arm to their rotation mix is only going to breed good things. Weiland is a Texas native, which always seems to be beneficial, and with so many other arms vying for those last two rotation spots, Weiland has every chance in the world of making it his, especially if he can repeat his excellent 2012 Spring Training that earned him the spot in the first place.

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