Joba Chamberlain Turns Tommy John Scar Into Hilarious Tattoo

By Andrew Fisher
Joba Chamberlain
Getty Images

Joba Chamberlain signing with the Detroit Tigers is one offseason move that you might have missed. The veteran relief pitcher signed a one-year/$2.5 million deal with Detroit over the offseason — but why did he sign on at such a bargain price? He says it’s because he just wants to win. Clearly, he picked a pretty good spot to do that, as the Tigers have made it to the ALCS three years in a row.

If you look at Chamberlain this season, you’ll notice some differences. He appears to have lost some weight, and he’s also sporting a full beard (something he wasn’t allowed to do in New York). But on top of those two things, Chamberlain also got some new body art. The relief pitcher decided to get a tattoo on his right arm, but it’s certainly no ordinary tattoo.

Check out his photo from the Detroit Free Press:

That’s right, Joba’s Tommy John surgery scar has now been replaced with a smiley face tattoo.

You have to give credit where credit is due, and Chamberlain deserves some credit for thinking outside the box here. It would be one thing if just had this one tattoo, but since he already has some ink on his right arm, it blends in pretty well.

The half-sleeve was certainly an option for the reliever as well, but I respect his decision to go for a single ‘standout’ type of tattoo.


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