MLB Players And Their Superhero Counterparts

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MLB Players And Their Super Hero Counterparts

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In the eyes of many across the country, baseball players are already super heroes in many respects. It's funny because many resemble actual fictional comic book and movie characters in several ways. Some look like a particular hero, some act like them and some do both. Like comic books, baseball has had a large fan following for the last 50+ years and they clearly connect in more than just that way.

Think about most baseball players as the average citizen. They punch the clock and get the job done and don't really make any huge noise across the league. However, like super heroes, there is occasionally player that is clearly extraordinary in some way or another. It makes them stand out much like a super hero and that's what these comparisons are largely based off of.

What a particular player means to his fan base can also go a long way toward determining which super hero he's like if any. Some are freaks of nature like the various creatures in the X-Men comics and some simply have a specific set of skills that makes them a very solid player in the league. Whatever the case may be, there is a very select group in major league baseball that resembles a band of super heroes in their own way.

Like the pages of an exciting comic book, baseball players can keep us captivated and capture our imaginations if only for a moment. In that way, the content in comic books and the historical theme of baseball are very similar. In comic books, super heroes try to prevent villains from wreaking havoc in their towns and they try to take the public's mind off of the troubles of the time by fighting crime in spectacular fashion. Baseball does this with its audience as well. No matter what problems people have in their lives, they can sit down at a major league ballpark for three hours and not have a care in the world.

Obviously, these are very subjective, but every correlation between player and super hero fits. These players may not be leaping over buildings anytime soon, but they do closely resemble some of the famous super heroes that the country has grown to know and love.

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Adam Jones - Iron Man

Kim Klement - USA Today Sports

Jones most closely resembles Iron Man because of his ability to play in every game throughout the season. He has only missed two games over the past two seasons and has said that it is his goal to break Cal Ripken jr.'s consecutive games played streak eventually. We're not even sure Iron Man himself could break that record, but I guess we'll see if Jones has it in him.

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Josh Donaldson - The Green Lantern

Rick Osentoski - USA Today Sports

Donaldson is the Green Lantern for a couple of reasons. A very obvious reason is that he plays for a team whose primary color is green. Therefore, in a very simple way, their outfits are similar. In another way, he is under-appreciated despite his strong performance in 2013. The Green Lantern isn't the most popular super hero and Donaldson isn't the most popular player. That could change quickly if he can duplicate last year's output.

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Homer Bailey - Batman

Mark J. Rebilas - USA Today Sports

This one comes completely down to appearance. In case you haven't noticed, if actor Christian Bale, who portrays Batman in the most recent movie trilogy, were to put on a Reds uniform, he would be Homer Bailey. They are literally identical people. For that reason, it's just easier to imagine Bailey as Batman. After signing his recent contract extension, he could be on his way to a Bruce Wayne caliber fortune as well.

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Yasiel Puig - The Incredible Hulk

Richard Mackson - USA Today Sports

Puig is one big dude and he has a temper to match. Like the Hulk, Puig can be docile in certain situations, but one thing and BAM, he flips. This is part of the reason he's criticized for not respecting the sport that he plays. Only time will tell if he turns out to be a misunderstood good guy like the Hulk or as a true villain of the game.

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Mike Trout - Spiderman

Tim Heitman - USA Today Sports

The athleticism is obviously the key link here. Trout routinely scales walls in order to pull in long fly balls. He's quick and has great leaping ability like Spiderman does. He doesn't have the benefit of webs when he's trying to rob opposing hitters of home runs, but he does have a web in his mitt that he uses to make spectacular plays in the field day in and day out.

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Joe Mauer - Superman

Jesse Johnson - USA Today Sports

Not many athletes are as immortalized in their towns than Mauer is in Minneapolis. He's a larger than life figure to the town even though he's a completely down to earth. That sounds kind of like Superman who can be larger than life, but is down to the earth most of the time. Ask any Minnesota Twins fan and they'd probably tell you that he can fly as well.

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Derek Jeter - Captain America

Greg M. Cooper - USA Today Sports

Nobody else is a better ambassador for the game of baseball than Jeter. Sadly, he will be retiring this season, but he still has super hero qualities. He's Captain America for a couple of reasons. Jeter is the captain of the most iconic franchise in the sport, which ups his popularity. His virtues toward the game are as pure as Captain America's are when he's fighting crime. They are both consummate professionals at what they do. If there were a super hero Hall of Fame, Captain America would surely be there just like Jeter will be in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot.