Toledo Mud Hens Reveal Awesome Ghostbusters Uniforms

By Connor Muldowney
Toledo Mud Hens
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It’s not often a team honors a recently deceased actor with some pretty unique jerseys, but the Toledo Mud Hens, a minor league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, have unveiled a pretty interesting look. As most of us know, Harold Ramis, who played the character of Egon in Ghostbusters, passed away on Feb. 24. Well, the Mud Hens are paying tribute to the late actor with some far-out jerseys.

Take a look at what the Mud Hens put together, jersey-wise, to pay tribute:

Yes, those are Ghostbusters jerseys that the Mud Hens plan to wear on May 30. Many people have said this move was under the “too soon” category as the jerseys have been released just three days after Ramis’ passing, but I think this is a cool way to show respect for an actor in an iconic movie.

Everyone knows the movie and even the theme song, but now everyone will know the look because of the Mud Hens. While not everyone watches minor league baseball, people will surely be tuning in to see what the Ghostbusters look translates to on the field.

Ramis was 69 years old, but no one expected such thing to happen. He would be proud of these awesome jerseys and they will make all Ghostbusters fans proud.

These will likely be pretty popular sellers when they hit the market and, heck, it’s never too soon to pay tribute to someone.

I don’t know about you, but I think these were a pretty cool idea and the Mud Hens knocked it out of the park. Agree?

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