Darin Ruf Deserves Roster Spot With Philadelphia Phillies

By Rebekah Milsted
Ruf spring training homerun 2014
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Darin Ruf got his first step in the Major Leagues with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012. Ruf only played in 12 games that season but came back in 2013. Some see Ruf as a potential future first baseman, and others see him as an important utility player. Wherever Ruf plays, he deserves to be part of the Phillies’ 2014 roster.

In the limited time Ruf played in 2013, he showed what a diverse player he could be. He showed the talent he had at first base and also showed that he could play the outfield. Why wouldn’t you want a multi-position player on your team?

Ruf also has the potential to be a strong hitter. In the 73 games he played, Ruf had an average of .247. That doesn’t seem high, but he didn’t get to play every day. It’s hard to go from the bench to be expected to drive in runs. Ruf did manage to hit 30 RBI along with 14 home runs. He had the third most home runs in the lineup and only played for three months.  Imagine what he could do with a whole season under his belt.

Ruf is off to a good start down in Clearwater. Sure the team has only played just a few games, but Ruf already cranked one out of the park and has two RBI. He is certainly showing why he deserves a spot on the roster.

Ruf  is one of the younger players on the team at just 27 years old. In my opinion the team needs him on the bench. With a core of the lineup older there is the higher risk of injuries or just needing a day off. Ruf is the perfect player to put in.

Ruf has been back and forth from the minors for two seasons now, but he deserves to stay up in the Majors where his talent can be seen.

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