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5 Players Who Won’t Make San Diego Padres’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

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5 Players Who Won’t Make San Diego Padres’ 2014 Opening Day Roster

San Diego Padres Spring Training
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The early days of 2014 Spring Training are upon us and they are not disappointing. Everywhere you look there are players stepping up or even players getting hurt and stepping out for a week or more. The San Diego Padres are in on some of that as well as any team. All of the ins and outs go together to help the coaching staff decide what the final roster will look like on Opening Day.

For the Padres the task ahead is clear. They mean to create a roster that is capable of competing with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks, both of whom look to fight it out for the National League West crown. It will not be easy even if they get the absolute best out of every player they choose for their roster at the end of the spring. To say the least it is a tall task.

In the midst of their struggle to climb ahead of those teams, the Padres will have to leave a few players behind. Some of them are non-roster invitees that just won’t have a spot at the end of the spring and others are prospects that have time to spend in the minors still. There could be surprises but if all things keep on the course they should take and appear they are going to take, there are a few players that for sure won’t make it.

Take a look at the players ahead and see if you agree or disagree. Just because they won’t make the roster on Opening Day doesn’t mean they have no chance to make it this season. Some will have that chance and some will not. Feel free to add a comment below if you have something to add.

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5 – Alex Dickerson

Alex Dickerson San Diego Padres
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Dickerson is a good looking prospect for the future outfield of the Padres. He’ll probably be starting the season around the Triple-A level to begin the 2014 season though.

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4 – Rocky Gale

Rocky Gale San Diego Padres
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Gale looks to be a guarantee to once again start his season in the minors. His role is fairly clear at this point but a great performance this spring could open an eye or two.

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3 – Austin Hedges

Austin Hedges Spring Training
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Hedges hasn’t made a ton of noise yet this spring but he will. This kid is the future catcher for the Padres unless something incredibly odd happens between now and a year or so from now when he is fully ready for the majors.

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2 – Xavier Nady

Xavier Nady Spring Training
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The Padres were looking for some organizational depth with the signing of Nady and that will probably mean they try to keep him on in the minors to start the season. He certainly looks a little out of the outfield picture there right now.

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1 – Joe Wieland

Joe Wieland Spring Training
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Look for Wieland to start the season in the minors to make sure he can stay stretched out for starts and healthy. His path will intersect with the majors again soon though.