Baltimore Orioles’ Jemile Weeks Should Not Be Counted Out

Jemile Weeks

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Prior to the 2012 season, Jemile Weeks was considered a cornerstone player for the Oakland Atheltics. Athletics GM Billy Beane went on the record saying that Weeks was the A’s only untouchable player on the roster. While many once had high hopes for Weeks, his career has gone downhill since 2012. He struggled offensively and defensively the last two seasons, and he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles during the offseason.

Despite all of his recent struggles, Weeks deserves a fair shot to win the second base job for Baltimore this season. At only 27 years of age, Weeks can still turn everything around. Weeks was the 12th overall pick of the draft in 2008, and he is a very talented player.

Weeks has a quick bat, and he also has dynamic speed. He is also just two seasons removed form an excellent rookie year. In 2011, Weeks batted .303 with 22 steals and a .760 OPS in 406 at bats. In the first spring training game this season, Weeks got his tenure with the Orioles off to a fast start. He collected two hits in two at bats, and he was the main contributor to the 4-2 win over the Rays. While it is only one spring training game, it should serve as a reminder of the player’s talent.

Ryan  Flaherty is considered the favorite to be the Orioles starting second baseman, but Weeks should not be discounted. With his talent and blazing speed, Weeks has the potential to be a factor for the Orioles. If he has a strong Spring Training, Weeks should be the Orioles’ opening day second baseman.

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  • Ryne Mehan

    Flaherty isn’t even that good. When he learns to hit a breaking ball or can do something productive at the plate when it actually matters then I will consider him the favorite. His timing at the plate is absolutely horrible though. He needs to shorten his swing or compact it in some way because it takes so long for him to get the barrel of the bat through the zone, which is why he rarely makes solid contact.

    What the Orioles need isn’t another bat to hit twenty 15-20 homers, they need to add more dimensions to their offense because it would take pressure off of Davis, Jones etcetera. Weeks is much faster, is more likely to hit for a higher average, is a switch-hitter, and has much better plate discipline than Flaherty. Weeks can also field really well and he has gap power (could leads to lot of doubles and runs created with that speed), as opposed to Flaherty, who is an all or nothing type of hitter.

    The only dimension Flaherty really trumps Weeks in is power, but is possibly ten extra home runs really as important as 20-30 stolen bases, a higher OBP, a more solid batting average, especially when you already have a stacked offense that hits for power but DOES lack in speed and getting on base efficiently?..

    I know Flaherty may be the favorite right now, but there is clearly much more upside with Weeks, who I feel should be the obvious choice to start at second because he can help Baltimore in many more ways than Flaherty can.