Baltimore Orioles' Plate Discipline Should Not Be A Concern

By Brian Devine
Adam Jones
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Once concern some analysts have for the Baltimore Orioles in 2014 is their plate discipline. Their lineup is filled with aggressive hitters, and they ranked 28th in the MLB in walks in 2013. The Orioles also did not make any additions offseason to address this issue. Two of the Orioles most significant acquisitions, Nelson Cruz and David Lough, are not know to be high on base hitters. Despite these concerns, the Orioles’ plate discipline should not be a problem in 2014.

Even though many of the Orioles hitters did not exhibit a lot of patience last year, they were still one of the top offenses in the league. They ranked 4th in the league in runs scored, and they hit the most home runs in the majors. Many teams would be ecstatic to score as much as Baltimore, so faulting them for plate discipline is frivolous.

While it would be nice if the Orioles drew more walks, there is nothing wrong with having an aggressive lineup. In fact, their aggressiveness may be part of the reason why they are having success in the first place. Hitters like Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and J.J Hardy have always been aggressive at the plate, yet they have been successful in the majors throughout their careers.

While the Orioles do have some weaknesses, their offense certainly is not one of them. If there is a factor that will hold them back, it will be their pitching. They have a strong lineup, and they will likely be at the top of the league in runs scored again in 2014.

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