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5 Reasons Why Toronto Blue Jays Have The Best Fans In MLB

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MLB's Best Fans Hail From Toronto

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During this time of year, when a brand new season of baseball is right around the corner, fans begin to gear up for Opening Day all across MLB cities. Whether your team is absolutely stacked with talent or at the very bottom of the barrel, a new season brings a new sense of hope for baseball fans everywhere.

Fans are arguably the most important part of any sport, but especially when it comes down to baseball. They are the cause behind their team's Opening Day tickets being sold out in 25 minutes or less. They are the reason, or at least they should be, why players come to the ballpark to play almost every single day of the spring, summer and fall. They are indeed infatuated with America's pastime, and for good reason. However, it is the fans that live outside of America that take the cake in regards to fanaticism in baseball.

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays are a unique breed. For those who watch their team closely, not only do their days revolve around when the clock strikes either 1:07pm or 7:07pm, but their general mood is dependent on whether the Jays win or lose on any given day. The starving fanbase has stuck by their underachieving baseball club year after year no matter whose name is on the starting roster, and the best part is that they have fun doing it.

No matter how poorly the Jays are doing, their fans find a way to enjoy themselves whether at home or on the road. They also find a way to entertain the opposing fans and players who are visiting their city in as many quirky ways as possible. Here are five reasons why the Jays have the best fans in MLB.

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5. Their Willingness To Give A Player A Second Chance

Second Chance
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For fans of many teams throughout MLB, it can be very frustrating when their GM signs someone who was in their prime some 15 to 20 years ago. For fans of the Jays, it's just another person added to the guest list. The likes of Vladimir Guerrero and Omar Vizquel were welcomed in right away by the Jays' fanbase, no matter how little of an impact they made during their time in Toronto. Guerrero didn't even suit up for the Jays once as a member of the team, and he was still welcomed with open arms by everyone.

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4. They Don't Chirp Like Fans Of The Boston Red Sox Do

Boston Red Sox
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When walking into the Roger's Centre, you will never see signs such as those pictured above. Fans of the Boston Red Sox are notorious for acting like a group of cocky school children wherever they go to watch their team play, belting out Pee-Wee Herman-like insults for every opposing fan to see and hear.

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3. They Are Clever With Their Chirping

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Rather than going the route of a Red Sox fan and pulling out an insult that a second grader would use during recess, fans of the Jays take a serious amount of pride and dedication in their chirping of players and opposing fans. They understand that a solid amount of research adds validity to their chirps and is a necessity in their preparation for every game they attend. For Jays' fans, chirping is about quality, and not quantity.

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2. They Travel Well

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It sounds strange, but no matter where the Jays are while on the road, they are sure to be greeted by fans of their own. Not only do the players see small clusters of fans scattered all around the opposing teams' home ballparks, a lot of the time they are treated to sections being bought out by the Blue Jays faithful. They travel by bus, they travel by plane, and by no means are they having anything short of a fantastic time and enjoying the foreign city as if it was their own.

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1. Win Or Lose, They Have A Great Time At The Ballpark

Win Or Lose
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Everyone loves to win. However, for fans of the Jays, they find a way to go home happy no matter what the result. Whether it be that lasting memory of something weird happening in front of the windows at the hotel in center field, or the streaker that graced the fans with their presence at some point during the game, fans of the Jays don't have any shame when it comes down to the team they love. This is what makes them special.