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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers of All Time, Gary Sheffield Region (Round One)

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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers: Gary Sheffield Region (Round One)

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Finally, we reach the last region of the Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers Personnel of All Time in this bracket style tournament. This region is dedicated to the inaugural champion, not surprisingly, Gary Sheffield. He was a one-seed a year ago and ran roughshod over the competition, never really challenged in the voting.

This region feels a bit top heavy, but that makes sense with some powerfully bad individuals residing here. It wouldn't appear anyone has a simple road to the Final Four, but the top seeds are clearly there for a reason. The fascinating thing to watch among these 16 individuals is if a player or staff member is victorious, as four participants in this group are non-players.

Moving forward, once each of the four regions gets to the second round, things should move a little more quickly, although the matchups get a bit tougher to vote on as we narrow down the most despised Brewers in franchise history. However, you still need to decide the "winners" from the first round of the Sheffield group.

You now have the opportunity to vote in the Sheffield Region, where the winner will take on the top individual from the Johnny Estrada Region. In the slideshow, you’ll see each individual matchup and a short synopsis of each player’s inclusion. The final slide will show you a full breakdown of the 16 seeds in this region.

The Sheffield Region will be posted soon.

You can submit votes in the comments section below, on Facebook, by tweeting @brewersblend or send an email to The voting for the Sheffield Region will remain open until 9pm (ET) on Tuesday, March 4th, so check out each matchup and get your votes in now!

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#8 Dean Taylor vs. #9 Doug Melvin

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While he deserves credit for drafting Prince Fielder, J.J. Hardy and Corey Hart, Dean Taylor's tenure as Brewers general manager was a train wreck. Hiring Davey Lopes as manager, signing Jeffrey Hamonds to a huge contract, and overseeing the worst record in franchise history are all big black marks. Under Taylor, the Brewers were 197-289 overall.

Despite two playoff appearances, many fans take issue with Doug Melvin. Some point to the hires of Ned Yost and Ken Macha as managers, still others argue he never developed any pitching. Another argument is that Milwaukee should have won more with the core that included Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder leading the way.

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#7 Ron Roenicke vs. #10 Ryan Braun

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Ron Roenicke took the Brewers to the NLCS in his rookie campaign, but fans have not taken to the skipper. Aside from his management of pitchers, Roenicke is often chided for bunting too much and, especially, running into outs. His insistence to run the "contact play" has led to immeasurable amounts of dead runners at home plate.

There's not much to say as to why Ryan Braun is here. Obviously, his illegal PED use and suspension sent fans into a hysterics, and his incessant lying made everything worse. Some are simply bothered by his cockiness and perceived "swagger" on the field. Either way, he earned a spot in the bracket.

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#6 Rob Deer vs. #11 Francisco Rodriguez

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Rob Deer (and his beautiful mullet) was a polarizing figure, apt to crush the ball or whiff dramatically. He led the AL in strikeouts twice, hit above .238 just once, and played below-average and sometimes horrible defense in the outfield. He frustrated fans for long stretches of time with many brutal at-bats.

Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez rarely makes an appearance look easy. With a combination of lengthy pauses, constant nibbling, frequent walks and near disaster almost every time out, he wears on fans quickly. His celebratory gyrations are often a bit much and his domestic violence allegations don't help.

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#5 Shaun Marcum vs. #12 Teddy Higuera

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Shaun Marcum gave up 16 earned runs in 9.2 innings (14.90 ERA) during the 2011 playoffs. That included nine runs in five frames in the NLCS's game six, helping the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series. Marcum's surly disposition and injury-plagued 2012 season made matters worse.

Teddy Higuera had some phenomenal seasons with the Brewers, but quickly broke down once he received a big contract (for the times), at four years, $13.1 million. After signing the deal, Higuera went 16-20 with a 4.85 ERA and a 1.468 WHIP. He missed the entire 1992 season and averaged less than 11 starts per season after the deal.

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#4 Chad Moeller vs. #13 Jeff Juden

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Chad Moeller was touted as a defensive catcher, but even that was average. At the plate, he owned a .203 average and .257 OBP with Milwaukee and contributed little in his three seasons. He somehow hit for the cycle, making him even more despised. It was the only "fact" they ever put on the scoreboard when he came to bat.

Seen as one of the truly awful humans to play the game, Jeff Juden was a beast at six-foot-eight, 270 pounds. In less than one year in Milwaukee, Juden had a 5.54 ERA, a 1.554 WHIP and a 4.3 walks-per-nine innings ratio. He even hit 10 batters and threw six wild pitches. It was a season of ugly for Juden.

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#3 Chuckie Carr vs. #14 Yovani Gallardo

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Chuckie Carr only played 53 games for the Brewers, but he left his mark as a severely selfish player whose limited skills diminished quickly. With a .270 OBP and .230 average, his claim to fame was ignoring a take sign on a 2-0 pitch and telling his manager, "That ain't Chuckie's game. Chuckie hacks on 2-0. He was released days later and out of MLB the next year.

Overall, Yovani Gallardo has been a solid, consistent pitcher for the Brewers. Still, many believe he has wasted his talent by nibbling at the corners and refusing to attack hitters. He seems incapable of being a true leader of a staff. His 2013 drunken driving arrest also hurt his reputation and likability.

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#2 Wendy Selig-Prieb vs. #15 Tim Dillard

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I couldn't even find a photo I could legally use for Wendy Selig-Prieb, and Brewers fans wish her era as CEO didn't exist either. From 1998-2004, she played a key role in the team's failures, mismanaging the financial and other organizational aspects of the franchise. The club had a .420 winning percentage during her time and most saw Selig-Prieb as "in over her head." Her departure led to Mark Attanasio stepping in.

Tim Dillard never did much, except look a little goofy, throw the ball almost underhanded and do a solid Tim Kurkjian impression. There's probably not much vitriol here, but he had a couple nominations. He had a 4.70 ERA and gave up more than 10 hits per nine innings.

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#1 Sal Bando vs. #16 Paul Molitor

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As general manager, Sal Bando was beyond bad. After the team he inherited nearly won the division, things quickly went downhill starting with his lowball of fan favorite, Paul Molitor. Bando failed to produce a winning season from 1993-1999, made foolish free agent decisions, and ran the farm system into the ground, setting the franchise up for awful years long after he was gone.

Yes, Paul Molitor received a nomination for his greed and betrayal as one fan wrote. It seemed fitting to pit these two together and see who fans think was worse since they're forever linked. Molitor's injuries and cocaine habit are definite negatives, but will those be enough to offset his success in Milwaukee?

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Sheffield Region - Round One

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Here's the full region so you can check out the potential future matchups. The person who makes it out of the Sheffield Region will take on the winner of the Johnny Estrada Region in the Final Four.

You can submit your votes in the comments section below, on Facebook, by tweeting @brewersblend or you can send an email to Voting for the Sheffield Region will remain open through Tuesday, March 4th at 9pm (ET). So, get your votes in now!.