Philadelphia Phillies: 2014 Is Kyle Kendrick’s Time To Shine

By Rebekah Milsted
Kendrick Walking Into Spring Training 2014
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Philadelphia Phillies fans hear the name Kyle Kendrick they may cringe a little. They never know which version of Kendrick is going to come out onto the mound.  He has been an up and down pitcher since the very beginning of his career in 2007, yet he has greatly improved. At the end of the season Kendrick will be a free agent, and he has to fully step up and give it his all.

Kendrick is one of the main arms in the rotation. Every fifth day his teammates are going to be depending on him. If he has a few bad games or gets injured, the Phillies do not have many options to replace him. They need Kendrick to shine.

Kendrick has matured since he first started his career. He stays in games longer and overall has a better attitude about the game. His ERA seems to always be high, but with the determination Kendrick has going into this season, I believe the ERA will go down.

Last season Kendrick had a record of 10-13. He had the second most wins on the team, which is impressive to have more than Cole Hamels. He was able to pitch two complete games, one being a shutout.

I believe Kendrick can have a similar season to 2013 with better results. He is pitching with his career on the line. Not only are the Phillies going to be looking at him, but other teams around MLB are going to be looking at this season as well.

Kendrick is a team player. He is not going to let his contract interfere with his pitching. He wants to win for his team and the fans. He also wants to be the best pitcher he can be so he can get a good contract at the end of the year, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Kendrick has been working hard for seven years. He has turned into a mature, strong pitcher, and hopefully 2014 will be his best season yet.

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